20 Educational Leadership Podcasts to listen to! All of our favourites.

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Headteacherchat Has Been Collecting Podcasts For Leaders/Teachers.

Hope You Find This Helpful. This Is A Work In Progress. Please Email Me For Additions Or Changes: Admin@Headteacherchat.Com

1. We Lead Well Podcast @Weleadwellpodc1

Jonathan Coy | Creating Networks Works!

Julie Norman | Leading With Kindness And Compassion

Chris Foley | The Journey From Special Measures

Sue Plant | Embracing Part-Time And Flexible Working

Sean Trimble Resilient Leadership In A Time Of Crisis - Covidspecial

Suneta Bagri | Putting Yourself First

Hannah Wilson | Values Led Leadership

Jill Berry | Promoting Connection And Diversity

Liz Robson-Kelly | Theory To Support The Practice

Phil Sharrock | To Make A Difference, You Need To Be Different!

David Waugh | Hope In A Time Of Crisis -Covid Special

Steve Waters | A Culture Of Wellbeing

Jonny Uttley |  Putting Staff First

Dan Edwards | Forward Is All That Matters

Dr Cj Van Nieuwerburgh | Coaching Not Cake

Dame Alison Peacock | Listen, Learn And Share

Bennie Kara | We Can Make Our Schools More Diverse And Equitable!

Ben Solly | Making Wellbeing A Priority

Professor Rachel Lofthouse | Collaboration And Co-Creation

Andy Buck | The Power Of Conversation

John Tomsett | Less Is More

Drew Povey | Inspiring Leadership

Clemmie Stewart | A Rainbow In The Storm

Nicky Bright | It’s Time To Talk About The Menopause

Diana Osagie | Courageous Leadership

Peter Radford | How To Bounce Back

Dr Vic Carr |  Making The Most Of Every Minute

Yamina Bibi |  Rising Star

Vivienne Porritt | 10% Braver

Simon Botten | Making Wellbeing A Priority

Bianca Greenhalgh | On Being A New Head (And So Much More!)

Haili Hughes | Ite, Ects And Beyond: Training, Recruiting And Retaining The Best Teachers

James Nottingham Mindset Matters

Julia Skinner - Working With Governors To Improve Wellbeing

Alec Jiggins - So, Exactly What Is Coaching And What Can It Do For Me? @Alecjiggins

Adrian Mclean - On Being A Changemaker: Part 2 @Character_guy

Adrian Mclean - Part 1: On Being A Changemaker @Character_guy

Jacqui Frost - Resilience - It’s More Than ’bounce-Back-Ability’ @Jkfrost1965

Dr Kenny Frederick - What‘s The Point In Ofsted @Kennygfrederick

Gemma Drinkall - Supporting Your Staff To Stay Well @Gemma_drinkall

2. Zen Educate @Zeneducate

Creating Networks To Support School Leaders Jonathan Coy

Positive School Leadership Through Extraordinary Times Juliette Alban-Metcalfe

Doing Less Better

Teacher Training Through A Pandemic

Closing The Attainment Gap: Unlocking Student Potential Sameena Choudry

Early Career Framework: What Do Schools And Teachers Need To Know? Professor Sam Twiselton Obe And Lynsey Hunter

Honing World Class Education With Chartered College Of Teaching - With Dame Alison Peacock

The Teachers On My Journey As A Child Refugee With Gulwali Passarlay

Aleiah's Adventure: Inclusive, Accessible Theatre In Manchester With Ros Norford

Easing Primary To Secondary Transitions Chris Foley

What Works In Wellbeing? Nancy Hey

3. The Teachers' Point Of View  @Qtslondon

Dan Edwards

Irfan Latif

James Pope

Rabia Masud

Matt Jessop

Zena Zenonos-Walker

4. Grow Your Mindset @Growyourmindset

Dave Mcpartlin

Adrian Bethune

Jenny Artley

Lynn Williams

Jackie Beere

5. #Morethanajob @_morethanajob

S1e5: Back To School #Morethanajob

S1e14: Running The Room With Tom Bennett

S1e16: David Weston (Tdt) 'unleashing Great Teaching'

S1e21: The Feedback Pendulum With Michael Chiles

S1e22: Kathryn Morgan & Jade Pearce

S2e4: Lucinda Powell

S1e12: Diversity & Inclusivity In Education With Hannah Wilson (@Ethical_leader)

6. Tiny Voice Talks @Tinyvoicetalks

Sonia Thompson Change Maker

Zena Zenonos-Walker  Being Seen

Paul Hume Becoming

Putting Your Mind First With Chris Misselbrook

Being Enough With Verity Saunders

What The Edtech? With Al Kingsley

'un'professional Development With Tudisco And Mealey

Investing Time In Ourselves With Balli Dail

The Power Of Diversity With Isabelle Jones

#Kindnessripple With Richard Simpson

Being A Senco With Penny Whelan

School Improvement With Paul Ainsworth

Raising Awareness Of Health Conditions With Alex Winstanley

Coaching And Mentoring With Lizana Oberholzer

Being A Senco Part 2 With Penny Whelan

7. Dynamics Deputies @Dynamicdeps

Rae Snape

Seeing Wellbeing Differently

Where Does Pressure Come From‪?‬

Supporting Other‪s‬

Understanding Anxiet‪y‬

Curriculum For Long-Term Learning - Andrew Percival

A Deep Dive Into Curriculum With Nick Hart

Teaching Walkthrus With Tom Sherrington And Oliver Caviglioli

8. Persyou The Talks By Nicholas Mckie @Persyouc

Dr Elly Barnes Mbe

Professor Christian Van Nieuwerburgh

9. Ncelive @Thence_

Mary Myatt - Doing Fewer Things In Greater Depth

John Tomsett & Stephen Tierney - Ttip - Coaching & Mentoring

T.T.I.P John Tomsett & Stephen Tierney - The Inner Landscape Of Leadership

Rene Carayol - Why Black Lives Matter

Stephen Tierney & John Tomsett - Turning Theory Into Practice - Emotional Intelligence

Sonia Gill -  Why Culture Is The Critical Factor For Excellence.

Adeyinka Adewale - Emotional Intelligence In Times Of Stress

Dr Emma Kell - Well-Being

Dave Hughes

Clive Leach A Focus On Wellbeing

10. Tandteaching @Tandteaching

Do Good School Leaders Have To Be Good Teachers? With Danielle Finlay

Debunking Educational Myths With Dr Jared Horvath

The Infinite Leaders On The Importance Of Emotional Intelligence And Knowing Yourself

The Value Of Dissent

11. Becoming Educated @Dnleslie

Putting Staff First With Jonny Uttley

Make Education Irresistible With Dan Edwards

Leadership Lessons From Our Little Ones With Emma Turner

Deliberate Practice With Sarah Cottingham & Kathryn Morgan

Ego Development And Its Influence On Leadership With Neil Gilbride

12. Naylor's Natter Podcast

Tom Rees

Jill Berry

Viviene Porrit

Oliver Caviglioni

Neil Almond

Marc Enser

Mary Myatt

Toria Bono With Abby Bayford And Kat Howard And Claire Hill

Richard Gerver

Paul Dix

Matthew Evans

Zoe Enser And Jenny Webb

Rae Snape

Ros Wilson

An Evidence-Informed Guide For Teachers With Tom Rees And Jennifer Barker

Action Jackson

Dave Mcpartlin On Daring To Drea‪m‬

Teacher Hug Book Club - Naylor's Natter Takeove‪r‬

Halil Tamgumus (Mr T) On Leadership, Representation, Diversity And Back To Schoo‪l‬

Anthony D With Emma Turner On Pastoral Car‪e‬

Magic Weaving With Sir John Jone‪s‬

Roma Dhameja On Student Voice In A Diverse World

13. Learning Dust @Learningdust

Jonathan Coy - The Power Of The Chocolate Biscuit

Alan Harrison - Find Your Alan

Adam Robbins - You've Only Got So Much Ram

Oiling The Points Of Friction Lauren Thorpe

Upconfidencing Miles Berry

A Blueprint For Success Jamie Smith

Blend Me, Shake Me, Anyway You Want Me Emma Pass

Every Day Is A School Day Mark Anderson

The Mental Health Episode Cat Lamin

A Man Of Many Hats Al Kingsley

Who Are Your Captains? Phil Denton

We All Have A Voice, We All Have Value Tom Sherrington

14. Cornerstone's Podcasts @Cornerstonesedu

Dr Angelina Osborne

Maria Brosnan - Sleep Stress Cycle

Mary Myatt

Professor Sam Twiselton, Obe

Alison Peacock

Calming The Storm: Using Stormbreak For Children’s Mental Health

Revolutionising Teacher Recruitment: Slava Kremerman

Taking Back Control: In Conversation With Bob Harrison

What Is Curriculum Sequencing And Why Is It Important?

15. Research In Leadership

Jill Jameson

Stephen Corbett

James Spillane: Learning From New Principals

16. Page To Practice Podcast

The Cpd Curriculum By Zoe And Mark Enser

Chartered College ECF Handbook And Haili Hughes

The Metacognition Handbook By Jennifer Webb

Education Exposed 2 By Sam Strickland

Habits Of Success By Harry Fletcher-Wood

The Feedback Pendulum By Michael Chiles

Chartered College Of Teaching Impact Journal Special

17. Primary Education Voices @Primeduvoices

Gaz Needle

Dr Victoria Carr

Kyrstie Stubbs - The Tattooed Headteacher

Allen Tsui

Ed Finch

Sophie Bartlett

Rich Simpson

Kari Anson

Adam Woodward

Emily Weston

Katie Bodle

Chris Dyson

Ceridwen Eccles

Dave McPartlin

Matt Jessup

Matt Payne

18. We Are In Beta Podcast @Weareinbetapod

Jeremy Hannay

Ed Vainker

Patrick Ottley O'connor

Sharifah Lee

Clare Rees Coaching Culture

Risk And Reward

Intrinsic Motivation

19. Rethinking Education

Professor Michael F.D. Young: From ‘knowledge Of The Powerful’ To ‘powerful Knowledge’

Yumna Hussen And Lottie Cooke On Pupil Power, Mental Health And Ableist Attendance Awards

Rachel Lofthouse On Exams, Workload And The Government’s Assault On Itt Providers

Dr Naomi Fisher On How Schools Can Do More Harm Than Good

Adam Boxer And Tom Sherrington On ‘bad Trad And Groovy Prog’

20. Education Research Reading Room Podcast | Ollie Lovell

Naomi Fisher On Self-Directed Education

Sam Sims On What Makes Effective Professional Development

Anita Archer On Explicit Instruction

Rachel Macfarlane On Knowledge, Learning Power, And Character

Dylan Wiliam On Leadership For Teacher Learning