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We've bookmarked these best books for a Senior Leader to read.

Happy reading!

They are in no particular order.

The CPD Curriculum- Zoe Enser and Mark Enser

Can be found on Amazon here

Talk for Teaching: Rethinking Professional Development in Schools- Paul Garvey

Can be found on Amazon here

Reimagining Professional Development in Schools (Unlocking Research)- Eleanore Hargreaves and Luke Rolls (Editors)

Can be found on Amazon here

The Teaching Life: Professional Learning and Career Progression- Kate Jones and Robin Macpherson

Can be found on Amazon here

Lessons for Learning: 12 Building Blocks for Effective Teaching by Paul Kirschner, Tim Surma, Daniel Muijs, Kristel Vanhoyweghen, Gino Camp

Can be found here on Amazon

The Nine Pillars of Great Schools By David Woods, Rachel Macfarlane, Damien McBeath

David Woods (Author), Rachel Macfarlane  (Author), Damien McBeath (Author)

Putting Staff First: A blueprint for revitalising our schools: A blueprint for a revitalised profession by John Tomsett, Jonny Uttley

Can be found on Amazon here