Books to read as a Senior Leader in Schools

We've bookmarked these best books for a Senior Leader to read.

Happy reading!

They are in no particular order.

My Secret #EdTech Diary: Looking at Educational Technology through a wider lens by Al Kingsley

HeadteacherChat recommends this book:

This book can be found on Amazon here.

School's Out, Learning's In: Home learning - Learning Activities to Keep Children Engaged, Curious and Thoughtful. By Jill Nottingham, Carmen Bergman and James Nottingham.

Headteacherchat recommends this book:

“It’s a great book which is easy to read, and contains lots of useful tips and activities. We were really impressed with the level of detail in each of the activities provided and how they link to the Learning Pit principles. If you are looking for ways to build the partnership between home and school, to engage with their children and help them develop their critical thinking skills, then we’d highly recommend this book.”

Jonathan Coy

This book can be found on Amazon here.

Paul Garvey @PaulGarvey4 - Taking Control @

Tom Sherrington and Oli Caviglioli

Teaching WalkThrus 2: Five-step guides to instructional coaching

David Woods Rachel Macfarlane and Damien McBeath

The Nine Pillars of a Great Schools

Andy Buck - The Basic Coaching Method

Mary Myatt Back on Track

Bennie Kara - Diversity in Schools

Jill Berry Making The Leap: Moving from deputy to head

John Tomsett

This Much I Know about Love Over Fear: Creating a culture of truly great teaching: Creating a Culture for Truly Great Teaching -

John Tomsett and Jonny Uttley

Putting Staff First: A blueprint for revitalising our schools  

Riding the Waves  - James Hilton

Leaders With Substance: An Antidote to Leadership Genericism in Schools by Matthew Evans

Intelligent Accountability: Creating the conditions for teachers to thrive by David Didau

Lighting the way by Angela Browne

Education Exposed: Leading a school in a time of uncertainty - Sam Strickland

Talent Architects by Mandy Coalter

The researchED Guide to Leadership: An evidence-informed guide Edited by Stuart Lock