CPD resources for school leaders

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Webinars/CPD Sessions/Conferences

Research Ed Home @researchEDHome


John Tomsett | Core or Hinterland? Who owns the enacted curriculum?

Peps McCrea & Caroline Spalding | Leveraging the science of motivation to optimise the return to school

researchED Durrington 2020 Chris Moyse | Growing Great Teachers

John Hattie | Melbourne 1st July 2017

Ben White | You Should Know This! The inherent complexity of classroom teaching

Adam Boxer | Dual Coding for Teachers Who Can’t Draw: Teacher’s Explanations

Phil Stock | we don't deserve nice things.

researchED Durrington Micheal Chiles | The Craft of Assessment

ResearchEd Surrey


Burn BrighterBurn Brighter | Change for Education (full event)

Andy Moor | the future of assessment

Bill Lucas | rethinking assessment

Jamie Pembroke | Assessment reform

Mark Chatley | "A vision for Assessment"

Christalla Jamil | Assessment in Primary Schools

Dr Kulvarn Atwal | Assessment

Drew Povey | Burn Brighter 2

Chiltern Teaching Alliance @ChilternTSA

Andrew Cowley | Wellbeing and Workload - Penny Rabiger | Doing it Differently

David Didau | Reading AloudDr Patrice Evans | Outstanding HOD

Andy Buck | Leadership Matters  

Chris Nicholls | Coaching

Joe Richardson | School Improvement

Claire Robins | Driving Innovation and Improvement

Nadine Cotton | Deep Dives

Sir David Carter | Succession Planning

Leora Cruddas | Leadership: Things to Consider

Seneca Virtual Teachermeet

Samuel Strickland | They Behave for Me' Liberating Teachers so they can Teach

TeachMeet Icons

Alison Peacock | https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4VXDgU3xChM

Jennifer Webb | TeachmeetEnglishIcons 2020 - "Teach like a writer" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VNNlBNM3SWA

BrewEd Cymru

Whole Class Feedback | Rebecca Brett Harris @EnglishRbh

Venturing Towards Independence | Chris Shaw @athrosaesneg

Wellbeing is a Work of Heart | Nina Jackson @Musicmind

Desirable Difficulties | Damian Benney @Benneypenyrheol

Pre-emptive Marking | Nathan Atkins @AtkinsEnglish

Teacher Reading Club

Dual Coding by Oliver Caviglioli | February 2021

School Leader Interviews

Tom Rogers

Alex Rawlings @MrARawlings

Julie Hunter @MsHMFL

Pedro Damiao @geofactualidade

Chris Andrew @Kitandrews

Cassie Young @ModernCassie

Flora Barton @FloraSCooper

Tubatsi Moloi  @tubatsia

Victoria Carr @HappyHead74

Sonia Thompson @Son1bun


Tom Sherrington@teacherhead

Rosenshine Masterclass

Rosenshine and Curriculum What's the Connection?

The Learning Rainforest

Three core questioning strategies

Dylan Wiliam @dylanwiliam

What do we mean by assessment?

Assessment for learning: what, what, how?

What formative assessment is and isn't?

Why do we need to raise achievement?

Teacher learning communities

Creating the schools our children need


Two-minute tips for teachers by teachers

Stuart Lock @StuartLock

Three i's - OFSTED and Curriculum

Alison Peacock  @AlisonMPeacock

Learning without limits

Lucy Crehan conversation with Alison Peacock

Daniel Willingham @DTWillingham

Helping Students Think Critically about Internet Sources

Oliver Caviglioni @olicav

Dual Coding: Get Going

Dual Coding to Organise Ideas

Adam Boxer @adamboxer1

Dual Coding for teachers that can’t draw

Mary Myatt @MaryMyatt

Delivering a coherent curriculum

Back on Track: Ten suggestions to ensure we focus on making a difference

Curriculum Prompts

David Weston @informed_edu

Unleashing great teaching

Improving Teaching and Learning

Sam Strickland @Strickomaster

Recalibrating School Culture: Creating a climate for change

What are you permitting?

Kat Howard @SaysMiss

Well Being

A research-informed approach to wellbeing in schools

Robert Coe @ProfCoe

Shining a light on great teaching

Daisy Christodoulou @daisychristo

How to remember anything, forever

Pritesh Raichura @Mr_Raichura

Questioning in action: an example lesson


1. We Lead Well Podcast @WeLeadWellPodc1

Jonathan Coy | Creating networks works!

Julie Norman | Leading with kindness and compassion

Chris Foley | The Journey from Special Measures

Sue Plant | Embracing part-time and flexible working

Sean Trimble Resilient leadership in a time of crisis - COVIDspecial

Suneta Bagri | Putting yourself first

Hannah Wilson | Values Led Leadership

Jill Berry | Promoting connection and diversity

Liz Robson-Kelly | Theory to support the practice

Phil Sharrock | To make a difference, you need to be different!

David Waugh | Hope in a time of crisis -COVID Special

Steve Waters | A Culture of Wellbeing

Jonny Uttley |  Putting Staff First

Dan Edwards | Forward is all that matters

Dr CJ Van Nieuwerburgh | Coaching not cake

Dame Alison Peacock | Listen, Learn and Share

Bennie Kara | We can make our schools more diverse and equitable!

Ben Solly | Making Wellbeing a Priority

Professor Rachel Lofthouse | Collaboration and Co-creation

Andy Buck | The Power of Conversation

John Tomsett | Less is More

Drew Povey | Inspiring Leadership

Nicky Bright | It’s time to talk about the menopause

2. Primary Education Voices

Gaz Needle

Dr Victoria Carr

Kyrstie Stubbs - The Tattooed Headteacher

Allen Tsui

Ed Finch

3. The Teachers' Point of View

Dan Edwards

Irfan Latif

James Pope

Rabia Masud

Matt Jessop

4. Grow your Mindset

Dave McPartlin

Adrian Bethune

Jenny Artley

Lynn Williams

Jackie Beere

5. #morethanajob

S1E5: Back to school #morethanajob

S1E14: Running the Room with Tom Bennett

S1E16: David Weston (TDT) 'Unleashing Great Teaching'

6. Tiny Voice Talks

Sonia Thompson Change Maker

Zena Zenonos-Walker  Being Seen

Paul Hume Becoming

Putting Your Mind First with Chris Misselbrook

Being Enough with Verity Saunders

What the Edtech? with Al Kingsley

'Un'professional Development with Tudisco and Mealey

7. Don't Shoot the Deputies @DynamicDeps

Rae Snape

Seeing Wellbeing Differently

Coping with Speculation

Where does pressure come from‪?‬

Supporting other‪s‬

Understanding Anxiet‪y‬

Curriculum for long-term learning - Andrew Percival

A Deep Dive Into Curriculum With Nick Hart

Teaching Walkthrus With Tom Sherrington and Oliver Caviglioli

8. Persyou The Talks by Nicholas McKie

Dr Elly Barnes MBE

Professor Christian Van Nieuwerburgh

9. NCELive

Mary Myatt - Doing Fewer Things in Greater Depth

John Tomsett & Stephen Tierney - TTIP - Coaching & Mentoring

T.T.I.P John Tomsett & Stephen Tierney - The Inner Landscape of Leadership

Rene Carayol - Why Black Lives Matter

Stephen Tierney & John Tomsett - Turning Theory into Practice - Emotional Intelligence

Sonia Gill -  Why culture is the critical factor for excellence.

Adeyinka Adewale - Emotional Intelligence in times of stress

Dr Emma Kell - Well-Being

Dave Hughes

Clive Leach A focus on Wellbeing

10. The Key Support

Day in, day out school improvement with Paul Ainsworth

Reflections on the realities of school leadership with Kate Owbridge

11. Becoming Educated

Putting Staff First with Jonny Uttley

Make Education Irresistible with Dan Edwards

Leadership Lessons from our Little Ones with Emma Turner

Deliberate Practice with Sarah Cottingham & Kathryn Morgan

Ego Development and its Influence on Leadership with Neil Gilbride

12. Naylor's Natter Podcast

Tom Rees

Jill Berry

Viviene Porrit

Oliver Caviglioni

Neil Almond

Marc Enser

Mary Myatt

Toria Bono with Abby Bayford and Kat Howard and Claire Hill

Richard Gerver

Paul Dix

Matthew Evans

Zoe Enser and Jenny Webb

Rae Snape

Ros Wilson

An evidence-informed guide for teachers with Tom Rees and Jennifer Barker

Action Jackson

Dave McPartlin on Daring to Drea‪m‬

Teacher Hug Book Club - Naylor's Natter Takeove‪r‬

Halil Tamgumus (Mr T) on leadership, representation, diversity and back to schoo‪l‬

Anthony D with Emma Turner on Pastoral Car‪e‬

Magic Weaving with Sir John Jone‪s‬

Roma Dhameja on Student Voice in a Diverse World

13. Mr. Barton's Podcast

Dylan Wiliam

Tom Sherrington

14. Cornerstone's Podcasts

Dr Angelina Osborne

Maria Brosnan - Sleep Stress Cycle

Mary Myatt

Professor Sam Twiselton, OBE

Alison Peacock

15. Research in Leadership

Jill Jameson

Stephen Corbett

16. Page to Practice Podcast

17. Boys Don't Try

18. Shooting Azimuths

Clemmie Stewart

Oliver Caviglioli

Daniel Muijs

Daniel Sabato

Jill Berry

Andy Buck

19. Bastow Educational Leadership Podcasts

Steve Mumby Celebrates Imperfect leadership

Richard Gerver links leadership, passion and purpose in education

Tony Mackay knows the power of networks and partnerships

20. We are in Beta Podcast

Jeremy Hannay

Ed Vainker

Patrick Ottley O'Connor

Sharifah Lee

Clare Rees


Steve Adcock

The specific things that leaders do

Shaun Allison

What remote learning has taught us about: Challenge

Ambition Insitute @Ambition_Inst  


Ruth Ashbee @Ruth_Ashbee

Booklets, Rosenshine, Teach Like A Champion, and Knowledge-Rich Curriculum

Civics and Self: Powerful Knowledge Curriculum in PSHE and Citizenship

Curriculum is for ever – but not how you think

Literacy, Curriculum and Teaching

Rachel Ball @MrsBallAP

Systems not Goals

40 things I feel guilty about  by

Jennifer Barker @Barker_J

What is School Leadership?

Claire Boyd @ClaireBoyd83

How extending playtime can help children after lockdown

Dwain Brandy @leadingequality

Educational Leadership- A personal journey

David Bull @DanielTBull

The Bond of Colleagues

Andy Byers @Framheadteacher

Catch-Up: Please, for once, trust us to support our own students.

Jo Castelino

Cancelling the noise

Censored Head @CensoredHead

Compassionate Leadership

Catch me if you can!

I'm a Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here!

Daisy Christodoulou @daisychristo

Gary Lineker is not dead and neither is football – yethttps://blog.nomoremarking.com/from-scaled-scores-to-writing-ages-2e882bb155e0

Cornerstones Education @Cornerstonesedu

How to design your curriculum

How to design an outstanding primary art and design curriculum

Mason Davies


David Didau @DavidDidau

Five things new school leaders need to know

The Best 3 Sentences in Education

The problem with ...

School rules

Megan Dixon @DamsonEd

Teaching doesn’t need another hero

Dan Edwards @DanEdwards_77

There are stars to spot

Repositioning the doughnuts

It’s a funny old game

David Ellison @d_a_ellison

The (other) C Word

Does One Size Really Fit All?

Mark Enser @EnserMark  

The illusion of Communication

Zoe Enser

Jugglers, magicians and stand-up comedians

The Elephant in the Room

Matthew Evans @head_teach

Sense and Sense Ability

Leadership is knowledge

Causes work in teams

Mr E Finch

Who Teaches the Boys?

Why the ‘read for pleasure’ curriculum shouldn’t be left to chance by Russell Pearson (@DynamicDeps)

Chris Foley @CSEL_STOC

Ignore the Noise 3 – Apocalypse not? – Leadership

Ignore the Noise – Reflection

Ignore the Noise 2 – Reflection

Blocks of Marble – Teaching

Chief of Staff – Leadership

Pete Foster @pnjfoster

Why is improvement difficult in schools?

Expectations 2: How can we change our expectations?

Josh Goodrich @Josh_CPD

Implementing Instructional Coaching: What to think about, and what to avoid.

Jeremy Hannay

Genuine, Deep Well-being: The Medium is the Message

Building a Happy School – PART 1: Marking, Planning & Admin

Sean Harris @SeanHarris_NE

Doorstep Disadvantage: Beyond the Pupil Premium

Nick Hart @NickHart

Establishing school values

What does it take for school leaders to learn from other industries?

What leaders need to know about the curriculum

What leaders need to know about impact

Persuading parents – using what we know about school choice

What school leaders need to know about cultural leadership

Leadership handbooks

Motivated Leadership

Dr Heery

What goes up, must stay up – the delusion of social mobility

This is the moment…

Kat Howard @SaysMiss

CPD series: diagnosis, treat and return

Difficult conversations are better conversations

CPD series: the leverage of professional discourse

A note on curriculum choices

Haili Hughes @HughesHaili

Recovery from toxic leadership

Josh Goodrich @Josh_CPD

How can we tailor our instructional coaching approach for both novices and experts?

Towards Responsive Coaching

Jo Gray @Jo_c_gray @OneEducation


Maxim Kelly @maximjkelly

How to run a virtual parents evening with zoom...

WHO do make the BEST leaders and why?

10 things I wish I’d known when I became a Headteacher

Shuaib Khan

Not Even Water? Supporting Muslim Staff and Students During Ramadan

Ollie Knight


Nimish Lad @Nlad84

Finding your leadership voice

The difficultly of asking for help

High expectations


@RosMcM @headsroundtable

HeadsRoundtable Assessment Policy Proposals


Six Minutes

Jonathan Mountstevens

A Loss to Know

Reading about Curriculum


Mary Myatt @MaryMyatt

Thoughts on Assessment

Walking the talk

Leadership of the curriculum

Beautiful Work

Tom Needham @Tom_Needham_

Reading and Writing

Ben Newmark @bennewmark

Don’t call people stupid.

One Education @OneEducation  


Mrs. P Blog

Deputy Headteacher Interviews & those blue, suede shoes!

Mrs Pearce @PearceMrs

Embedding and evidence-informed culture

Andrew Percival @primarypercival

Confessions of a curriculum leader

Adam Robbins @MrARobbins

What we need to know about cognitive bias

Model thinking in education 1: ‘Success to the successful’ in career progression AKA why are there so many PE teachers in positions of leadership?

David Rusby @DavidNautilus1

Sports Day


Good Enough for Any SEF

Back to School

Clare Sealy @ClareSealy


Tom Sherrington @Teacherhead

Planning Professional Learning: One system; three streams.

Time to replace ‘formal observation’ systems with Instructional Coaching for everyone #CPD

Rescuing Differentiation from the Checklist of Bad Practice.

Don’t judge. Just help.

Five Steps Towards an Embedded Coaching and CPD Culture.

Everyday Routines 2

Trust. It’s conditional.

School Development Priorities for 2021-22

Counter-examples in CPD. The power of ‘don’ts’.

The Secret Headteacher @secretHT1

Cracking the Tech Workflow

Ignore the Voice That Screams

Curriculum Team Leader

Expert Teachers 1 – What Teacher Expertise Isn’t

Helen Skelton

Emerging from the shadows

Assessment – what’s the point?

Adam Smith @MrSmithRE  

The case for a national curriculum for RE  

Simon Smith @smithsmm

The Special Relationship #FierceKindness

Beware false prophets, silver bullets and the curse of the FAD  

The Fallacy…

Pointless…Why do we continue to do this to ourselves?


How to get your first job

Strategic Laziness: how rested leaders make better leaders.

Fee Stagg @dogspaws23

Enunciate darling!

Helen Stevenson @HelenStevenson4

Recruitment is at the heart of safeguarding efforts

Claire Stoneman @stoneman_claire

Curriculum is still hard

School leadership is not like football

On beauty

Thinker, Come Home

Kyrstie Stubbs

The 3 R’s- refrain, refuse and resist!

Ross McGill @TeacherToolkit

The Cognitive Science of Powerpoint (Pedagogy)

John Tomsett

This much I know about…what it feels like when you are criticised about your remote teaching

This much I know about…where you can find school leadership wisdom in a challenging world

This much I know about...how nothing needs to matter too much

This much I know about…how senior leaders like me are often curriculum chocolate teapots

Emma Turner FCCT @Emma_Turner75

Curriculum is a knife and fork

Sam Twiselton OBE @samtwiselton

‘Beyond the curriculum’ – trainee teachers’ models of knowledge

Jonny Uttley

Build Back Bolder: Five Choices All School Leaders Can Make

Josh Vallance @VallanceTeach

Sequencing and coherence: what are we really talking about?

Ben Whitaker @Itsbenwhitaker

5 Ways to Motivate in Hybrid Learning

Hannah Wilson @Ethical_Leader


Zen Educate @zeneducate

Keeping children safe in education: Updates for September 2021