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Creating Habits

Creating Habits is an evening chat about setting up routines and habits that work for school leaders. We recently launched a survey with Bounce Together, and the results showed that 32% of people rated their overall mental health as bad or very bad, which is something we want to help them avoid. The study found that if you create a new habit or routine, it takes 66 days to stick to it, raising concern about physical and mental health.

The most important details in this Spaces are that 66 days is a long time to establish a new habit, that it is important to make it easy, and to remind yourself of the value of latent potential. Take small steps to reach bigger goals, break down the end goal, use repetition, make it fun, and plan for wellbeing. Lucy created a space to work in and created a planner to make it easier to stick to a good habit. It is important to start with the end goal and work backward to achieve it, using the Eisenhower matrix to break down tasks into small steps and schedule them to delegate and delete.

The most important idea is to delegate tasks and plan your time to reach your end goal. This includes making it easy to tag tasks onto something that you're already doing, making it fun and enjoyable, and planning small steps to reach your larger goal. Plan tasks for your wellbeing, and don't feel pressured to complete everything on your to-do list.

The most important idea is that if you are not focusing on some aspect of your own wellbeing during the school day, you are at risk of burnout. Routines in the classroom can have a positive impact on wellbeing and physical health, so don't be afraid to make small changes and stick to them, making it fun and easy and tagging it onto something you're already doing. Routines help students focus on the content and not the routine, so it is important to go easy on yourself and do one thing at a time.