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Safeguarding is an essential component of any school, and it is critical to ensure that adequate safeguards are in place to protect students from harm. Here are some safeguarding questions to ask at an independent school headteacher interview:

Can you give me an overview of the school's safety policies and procedures? How often is this policy reviewed and updated?

How do you communicate the school's safeguarding policy to students, faculty, parents, and other stakeholders, and how do you ensure that everyone understands their role and responsibilities in safeguarding?

What training and professional development opportunities do you provide to employees to ensure they are aware of their safeguarding responsibilities and can identify and respond appropriately to concerns?

How do you ensure that all employees undergo thorough pre-employment screening, including DBS checks, to ensure that they are suitable for working with children?

What are your procedures for reporting and responding to safeguarding concerns, and how do you ensure that these concerns are taken seriously and addressed appropriately?

How do you collaborate with outside agencies, such as social services, to keep students safe, and what role does the school play in assisting these agencies in their efforts?

How do you make students feel safe and secure in school, and how do you monitor and address bullying, harassment, and other inappropriate behaviour?

What communication channels are in place to keep parents and carers informed and involved in safeguarding issues, and how do you involve them in safeguarding?

How do you ensure that the school's safety policies and procedures are reviewed and updated on a regular basis to ensure that they remain effective and in line with current best practises?

Can you give examples of how the school has identified and addressed safeguarding concerns in the past, as well as how the school has used these experiences to improve its policies and procedures?