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How to set up routines and habits that actually work for school leaders.

Managing a busy role is a tricky thing to do!


From our survey in collaboration with @bouncetogether, we asked SLT 'How would you rate your overall mental health now?' 32% said it was bad or very bad.

Set Good Habits and RoutinesA study carried out in 2021 and published in the British Journal of Health Psychology, showed that you are more likely to stick to your habits if you link it to a daily routine or time tag.

Starting new habits and routines takes a while…A study carried out in 2010 showed that habits take approximately 66 days to embed, and if it involved exercise, it took 1 ½ times longer!

Peps 🎓@PepsMccrea・07/11/2021

Routines offer serious value for learning.However, they take time and effort to establish, and often come with an initial dip in performance. During this phase, it can be tempting to give up.→ This is what @JamesClear calls the 'Valley of Latent Potential'.🧵...

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Start from the end goal and work backwards…Break down the end goal into smaller chunks.Start with an easy openersTalk to colleagues and ask for help @PepsMccrea

Peps 🎓@PepsMccrea・07/25/2021

Two things often overlooked when establishing routines:1. Design of the cue2. Effort of the initial action🧵...

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Plan your tasks to manage your workload

‘Routines help you to….Spend less thinking time thinking about the processes of your learning, and more time thinking about the content.’

Peps Mc Crea, 2020. Motivated Learning

Peps Mccrea🎓@PepsMccrea・07/04/2021

Routines redeploy attention→ They enable students to spend less time thinking about the *process* of their learning and more time thinking about the *content* of their learning.🧵...

Make it easy

‘If you were able to get 1% better everyday, you would be 37 times better by the end of the year.’

James Clear, Atomic Habits.

Repetition is important

Peps Mccrea 🎓@PepsMccrea・07/18/2021

Routines can be powerful tools for learning. However, they often fail at launch because we try to achieve too much too quickly.→ Increase the chances of routines getting into orbit by focussing on consistency first, then ramping up the level of challenge.🚀

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Plan for your wellbeing

Pack your gym bag the night before

Make it fun

Look at your environment - is it conducive for working in?

Remove the barriers - prepare everything the night before.

Create the space that you love to work in.

Change is not just ok, it’s empowering

Gradually, your confidence will improve, you will feel more in control and will be more effective as a result.

It’s amazing how small changes have such a big impact

On your life, your workload, your wellbeing, and the lives of the pupils, staff and families around you.

“Courage doesn’t always roar. Sometimes courage is the little voice at the end of the day that says ‘I’ll try again tomorrow.'”Mary Anne Radmacher

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