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‍Tonight we are delighted to be joined by Lee from @OnlineSafetyUK_ [https://twitter.com/OnlineSafetyUK_]  Welcome Lee! Tonight, we are here to listen to lee talk about the need for change in children’s digital space.

Tell us a little bit about yourself....'I used to work with the police and then I worked with families, helping them to understand online safety. I really wanted to make a change - to give a positive message that things can change and make a difference.'
Lee- tell us about the report that you have recently conducted? We wanted to have some information that was in date and relevant to now.
We wanted to learn and understand what it is really like to be a child in the online world in 2022. We wanted their voice, their opinions and what they were thinking.
We surveyed several hundred children and parents. We found that there was a lot of safeguarding incidents as a result of the surveys. A lot of the concerns were around harmful content, underage viewing of apps and software.
8% of 12 year old children were using an app that is not appropriate for their age group.  Top tip: spend time talking to the children about what they are watching, and ask them if they have any concerns.
Online Safety UK has a library of information which can help you understand apps and what adults need to know.
Children were reluctant to inform parents / carers / adults about something that concerned them online.
The survey said that less than half of children's parents were involved in their online life, but the majority of parents reported that they were.
Parents/ Carers / teachers - need to talk to children about their online experiences.
@OnlineSafetyUK_ [https://twitter.com/OnlineSafetyUK_]
 are hosting a webinar tomorrow and will be talking about the report that they have published about online safety.
Almost 5-10 year olds reported that they had seen which could have been illegal or dangerous. Almost half of children said that they had not told an adult.
Schools need to teach children about online safety so that children have the vocabulary to talk about concerns.