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Just why have a coach? Is it actually helpful?

Many people in our community tell us how alone and stressed they feel, and how little support they have to sort through challenging circumstances and learn coping mechanisms so they can learn, grow, and thrive.

What did you think made the coaching sessions so successful? Trust in my coach was the key factor. Knowing she could listen, challenge my thinking, and encourage me to try new things with confidence gave me the freedom to express my ideas.

Helen Woodward discusses the benefits of having a coach in this HeadteacherChat Spaces session. Moreover, the difference it can create. Why work with a coach - Customised learning that is time-efficient and tailored to your leadership and context determines how quickly an organisation learns and develops.

What values, behaviours, and beliefs would you want in a coach if you were considering hiring one? 1. I pose this question to coach candidates during training sessions, and if you're looking for a coach, I strongly advise considering it beforehand to help you find the best coach for you.

The most influential coaches I've had were humble enough to learn alongside me, compassionate, curious, and I felt I could trust them. Carl Rogers said: Empathy, congruence and unconditional positive regard.

Peter Senge: "We recreate ourselves through learning."

How would you determine whether the coach is the best fit for you? It is a journey of the heart. Speak with them. Learn about the services they provide and the methods they use. Stop if it's not right and look for a coach who is suitable for you instead. The best training feedback came from students who had a good coach to support them in the past.

How come CoachingPlus?

Learn - Connect - Belong

We want school leaders to grow academically, socially, and racially. Leadership professionals are aware of the difficulties they face, and we want to assist them by:

What does the CoachingPlus core package include: • 1:1 leadership coaching • ½ termly leadership and coaching workshop • Coaching and leadership development materials

WHY should leaders have coaching: • Enable leaders to realise their potential so they can: • be at their most resourceful • to make effective decisions • take focussed action • build high performing teams



• Leadership and learning are indispensable to one another - John F Kennedy