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Hello! My name is Jonathan Coy, and I am CEO of HeadteacherChat™. I am delighted to have been given access to SAMPeople to see what they have on offer to support schools, and I thought you would be interested to know what I discovered!

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What is SAMPeople?

SAMpeople is a holistic HR system, built by education HR specialists for schools, academies, colleges, and Multi-Academy Trusts.

What does it help you to do?

SAMPeople helps you to monitor and manage all HR casework recruitment (via FACE-Ed ATS), absence, contract administration, performance management, HR compliance and staff development.
You will also have access to absence management software for education.

All of your data is kept in one place with links to existing school data systems to remove duplication.

Not only that, but employees can log in to their portal, view their profile, including working patterns, and request a leave of absence, TOIL, Annual Leave and Term-Time Plus Payback, as well as viewing, accepting and managing documents in their document vault.

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What are the benefits of using SAMPeople?

  • SAMpeople consolidates all HR data, allowing you to empower your leaders and boost employee engagement. Information kept in numerous systems, especially paper-based files, causes problems for schools and trusts.
  • Many systems were not designed with education in mind. SAMPeople are education HR professionals that deal with schools and trusts across the UK, and used this experience to build in the processes that address the needs of school staff.
  • Many workflows in SAMpeople are automated, simplifying administration and allowing you to take quick action in the event of an absence, reducing absence rates, and saving you money and time. Some SAM clients have seen a 40% reduction in absenteeism.
  • SAMpeople is cloud-based, it is accessible from any location. You can generate reports for school and Trust leaders in seconds that would of otherwise taken a long time to prepare. Multiple contracts, term-time plus, TOIL, and Inset Days are also possible.

What does HeadteacherChat™ think?

  • HR information is centralised so that you have all you need in one spot.
  • To empower leaders, it generates reports and HR analytics in seconds.
  • Provides an online employee portal to engage staff, helping performance management, absence, compliance and CPD.

‘At Pontefract Academies Trust we are still in the process of implementing SAMpeople and FACE-Ed, but the benefits of both systems are already significant in terms of Trust HR and recruitment processes. FACE-Ed saves time with general recruitment administration, helping us keep all of our vacancies in one place. Combining this with SAMpeople will allow us to automate most of our HR procedures and provide an efficient service to our employees. The team at Fusion are great to work alongside, and the support they provide is fantastic.’

Business Support Officer, Pontefract

‘Before we started working with SAMpeople, individual academies were using SIMs and a range of spreadsheets. With no Trust-wide solution in place, we would have had to contact the academy for individual details. SAMpeople has helped us to have a Trust-wide overview of all staff. We are now consistent with our case management and have the data to make decisions. Getting Trust-wide data will enable us to strategically identify issues early and to put solutions in place which will reduce the cost and impact on the organisation. It will also show whether initiatives are working, such as wellbeing plans to support staff. SAMpeople is innovative because it integrates with SIMs and has full service for a member of staff through their portal. The portal improves communications and is an essential tool to demonstrate how we value of staff. The team have been amazing in supporting our start up. They get the issues within education so we are already discussing any issues with someone who understands our needs. We are never made to feel like just another customer as with our previous experience. They care about getting it right for us.’

C Wiseman, CEO

Benefits of using SAMPeople:

  • Create employment contracts and track acceptance through the employee portal.
  • Probationary periods, induction, and performance improvement should all be monitored and managed.
  • Increase employee engagement with MySAM, an engaging online employee portal.
  • Save contracts from the past, numerous contracts, and working habits.
  • Create and track all performance management activities, such as objectives and appraisals.
  • Track and manage HR cases (e.g disciplinaries, complaints, grievances and capability cases)
  • Monitor and manage CPD activities.
  • Request/track overtime, TOIL, annual leave, absence and Term-Time +
  • SCR record, compliance tracker, and full reporting suite

SAMPeople has the HeadteacherChat™ Stamp of Approval because:

`We enjoyed how easy it is for your HR professional to use the system, how beneficial it is for schools, and how we can view real-time statistics on how to help employees. SAMPeople is a comprehensive HR system designed for school administrators by HR experts.’

Jonathan Coy

CEO, HeadteacherChat™

May 2022

To find out more information go to: https://sampeople.co.uk/

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