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"The Art of School Leadership" by Tom Sherrington is a book that focuses on the skills and strategies needed for effective leadership in the education sector. The book covers a range of topics, including leading and managing staff, building positive relationships with parents and the community, and creating a culture of continuous learning and improvement within the school. Sherrington also emphasises the importance of self-reflection and self-awareness in school leadership, and provides practical advice on how to develop these skills. The book is written in a practical and accessible style, and is suitable for both new and experienced school leaders.

Our favourite quotes from the book:

  1. "Effective school leaders are not defined by the authority they wield, but rather the influence they have on those around them."
  2. "To be an effective leader, you must first be a strong learner."
  3. "The most effective leaders are those who are able to balance the demands of their role with the needs of their team and the broader community."
  4. "Leadership is not about command and control, but about creating the conditions for others to succeed."
  5. "The best leaders are those who are willing to listen, learn, and adapt in the face of changing circumstances."
  6. "A strong culture of learning and growth within a school is essential for the success of both the school and its students."
  7. "Self-reflection and self-awareness are essential skills for any leader, as they allow us to better understand ourselves and our impact on those around us."
  8. "Effective school leadership is about empowering others to be their best selves and reach their full potential."
  9. "The key to successful school leadership is the ability to build positive relationships with all stakeholders, including staff, students, parents, and the wider community."
  10. "Leadership is not about being the boss, but about being a servant to others and working towards the greater good."