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The Confidence Crisis in Creative Writing

Why teachers struggle to teach creative writing.Confidence - a lack of exposure to real texts themselves.No experience of writing themselves

Time - no time to develop the skill.

How can teachers develop their teaching of creative writing?

Have a go! Spend time (even a little bit of time), practicing writing yourself.

Don't be afraid to try new ideas and to learn and discover new techniques.

Why do children struggle with creative writing?

Some children haven't had the experience of being in a language rich environment. They may have a barrier to learning, with limited access to resources to overcome this.They may also lack in confidence.

How can we encourage children to write creatively?

Give them the tools to write with - the structures that will help grow their confidence.

Focus on small chunks as well as longer pieces of writing, e.g. you could focus on one sentence together rather than a whole paragraph.

Immerse them in stories. Read regularly. Talk about stories, share them together. Celebrate story time together.

How can we bring 'literacy off the page?'

* Modelling writing and reading

* Base your writing on real life experience - writing can take place anywhere, including outside

* Start with the interest of the child.