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Getting to the heart of chronic stress for headteachers

'Getting to the heart of chronic stress for headteacher' webinar tonight is a must-watch for school leaders who want to tackle chronic stress head-on. Led by Maria Brosnan, a counsellor, coach, author, and speaker, the webinar focuses on promoting the health and wellbeing of teachers, school leaders, and all school staff. With 84% of head teachers stressed and chronic stress linked to coronary heart disease, it's a critical issue to address. Maria encourages participants to check in with themselves regularly and offers practical advice on how to measure heart rate variability, a key indicator of heart health. With a range of stressors affecting head teachers, including high stakes inspections, crushing workloads, and more, it's no surprise that 59% are looking to leave the profession. But there are ways to reduce stress, such as James Newman's training. Maria  Brosnan, managing director of Pursuit, has worked with Dr. Carla Stanton, a GP functional medicine doctor, to develop a robust three-pillar approach to heart and heart rate variability research, using biofeedback technology. Don't miss this important webinar to learn how to prioritise your health and wellbeing as a school leader.