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Twitter Spaces Session with Education Showroom

Welcome to HeadteacherChat on Twitter Spaces!

Today, we're excited to be discussing the exciting new online event space at educationshowroom.co.uk.

As school leaders, we know that the job can be challenging and demanding. The ongoing pandemic has only added to the stress and uncertainty that many of us are facing.

The cost of living and cost of running a school crisis has meant that many families, communities and pupils need additional support, now more than ever.

That's why it's more important to have access to reliable information to navigate the busy Education market and find world-class, proven, evidenced and cost-effective solutions for your school, MAT and pupils.

That's where our colleagues at The Education Showroom come in. They are dedicated to providing school leaders with the tools and information they need to meet, interact with and explore industry-leading suppliers in an online relaxed environment.

One of the things we love about educationshowroom.co.uk is the variety of showcases available. Their showcases are themed so that School and MAT leaders can sign up to showcases that have a specific focus and are most relevant to them.

Whether you're looking for tips on classroom management, highly effective teaching and learning tools, student & staff mental health and wellbeing, CPD, HR, compliance, recruitment, or cyber security, The Education Showroom has you covered.

They even donate £50 towards pupil school meals and food baskets for families, every time you attend their free online showcases!

Additionally, the website is regularly updated with new upcoming online showcases so there are lots of opportunities to book and attend and to invite your colleagues along too!

So, whether you're looking for inspiration, information, or a central place to explore education solutions for your school or MAT, be sure to check out educationshowroom.co.uk. We highly recommend it as a valuable resource for all School and MAT leaders.

Thanks for joining us on HeadteacherChat today, and remember to visit educationshowroom.co.uk to meet, explore and interact with world-class education suppliers in a relaxed, online environment.

How do you support school and MAT leaders? Education Showroom invite leaders to join online showcases in order to help save time and to find information about key topics and themes. They offer a range of topics that are most relevant to your school.

Why should everyone come and look at The Education Showroom? All the online showcases are free of charge. The Education Showroom has also offered a promotion via HeadteacherChat where you can get a £75 donation towards your pupils school meals if you mention HeadteacherChat

Education Showroom ensure that the products that they work with are of a high quality. The also offer 1-1 showcase rooms which can be personalised to your needs.

What do School/MAT leaders say about their Experience at The Education Showroom? Leaders have been giving the Education Showroom positive feedback saying that the showcases are really informative and that the idea is really innovative.

All showcases start at 4:15 pm so they are easy to access. They also allow the schools to ask lots of questions. The leaders like the fact that the showcases are themed and often are also key stage specific. You can see the testimonials on the website.

How can leaders find out more information?  You can go to the website www.educationshowroom.co.uk You can book your space on the website, but be aware that there are limited spaces. You can also see all of the events there, including the sessions that we have for this week.

This week on Thursday 9th February - KS3 and KS4 Homework Assessment and Revision Showcases.


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