Saving Subject Leaders monitoring time & energy every single day with Blippit Boards.

Most subject leaders aren’t short of subject evidence for their subject. But they are short of affordable good tools to organise, search and support monitoring conversations with colleagues as they go along. So the challenge that we've tackled with headteachers and specialist partners is how to help subject leaders gather subject evidence, monitor, and report on it easily across the curriculum.

What do they do?

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Product Overview.

HeadteacherChat’s Review of Blippit Boards

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How does Blippit describe its product?

Blippit Boards is the result of partnerships with school leaders, teachers and experts from organisations including Eco-Schools, Christian Aid and The Blackburn Diocesan Board of Education.  Blippit Boards has been described by schools as “easy”, “fast” and “incredible value”.

What does it enable you to do?

John Bidder, founder of Blippit, describes the Blippit Boards as a highly efficient tool for subject leaders, but also one that gives head teachers a ‘bird’s-eye view of evidence around the school.

 Aimed predominantly at primary schools, although trials are underway in secondary, Blippit Boards allows all staff to capture, tag and report on subject evidence from wherever it or they may be. Multiple tags can be added to capture the whole context meaning that while only one copy of a piece of evidence may be needed to support a piece of learning, insights are there to be had from different perspectives.

Evidence is photographed, uploaded and stored in a timeline, much like social media feeds, which many users often describe as very intuitive and user-friendly allowing people to use their transferrable skills.

A brief description is added to explain the learning that took place. Blippit will support a staff meeting and leadership to share tips that guide schools towards what works as evidence and the importance of remembering who the audience is.

Subject leaders can sift through the evidence easily including selecting time frames, key stage, year group subjects and more.  e.g. ‘well-being’. Blippit Boards has also teamed up with other organisations such as Eco Schools and Christian Aid (Global Neighbours), and tags relevant to them are included. Customised, school-specific tags can also be added to allow bespoke reports to be generated. Subject-focused reports can be made to include any aspect of evidence collected. This allows subject leaders and SLT to monitor curriculum coverage and where there are gaps, it is easy to establish if they have not been covered, or just not evidenced.

Subject leaders can share the reports with stakeholders for monitoring purposes, to show progress, the impact of initiatives and to support any actions taken. They can also be used for sharing good practice and providing support to individual teachers and year groups. Some schools give Governors access to the system to allow them to gather their evidence from monitoring visits.

Schools have also found Blippit Boards highly useful for a SIAMS inspection to demonstrate learning and understanding in the different areas inspected.

Benefits of using Blippit?

  • Monitoring support for all subject leaders
  • Easy and quick to use to capture and tag evidence of learning
  • Creates reports in seconds for monitoring and sharing
  • Very affordable 12 months subscriptions
  • Small schools £99 <110 pupils
  • 1-1.5 form entry £179
  • 2 form entry £219
  • 3-form entry £279


In summary, Blippit has the HeadteacherChat™ Stamp of Approval because:

‘It’s a great tool to keep on top of subject leadership. It’s easy and enjoyable to use, making subject leader monitoring more streamlined and straightforward.’ Lucy Coy. CEO , November 2022