BlueSky Education

Our flexible online platform simplifies, streamlines and enhances talent management processes in schools.

Link Appraisal, Professional Development and Quality Assurance in one simple solution BlueSky Education’s award-winning platform allows schools to triangulate appraisal and performance management, continued professional development and school quality assurance processes, tailored to your organisation’s culture. Progress is easily evaluated, while staff are engaged through a rich, ongoing professional dialogue.

What do they do?

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Product Overview.

Develop your people aligned to your school’s culture

BlueSky Education allows you to design a tailored approach to teacher appraisal that aligns with the culture of your organisation, whether your school uses annual performance reviews or a continuous professional dialogue throughout the cycle.

Our flexible platform allows staff to align their own professional objectives to school and trust priorities and encourages an open and continuous dialogue with their coach or manager.

Capture all professional learning activities in a single tool

BlueSky gives your staff the opportunity to take ownership of their professional learning pathways and engage in their development in real time, linked to school and team priorities and puts professional learning at the centre of school improvement.

Support staff to recognise the impact of their learning on their own practice and the needs of your organisation.

Strategic intelligence to inform school improvement planning

BlueSky Education provides a wide range of customisable templates that can be tailored to your processes, from formal monitoring to developmental coaching – available on any device. Instant reporting to identify emerging talent, influence your CPD strategy, and track professional growth over time.

Activities can be triangulated to support an individual’s career progression and can be mapped to the strategic goals of your organisation.

Support school or trust strategic priorities

BlueSky supports school development planning through a suite of evaluation and reporting modules, providing school leaders with meaningful intelligence that informs school improvement and action planning.

Keeping all aspects of the school improvement cycle in one place makes it easy to track progress towards school or trust priorities. School leaders can evaluate achievements and areas for development through holistic global reporting, from individual through to team, department, school level and across a multi-academy trust or group of schools.

BlueSky Education for school trusts and groups

BlueSky is used by hundreds of school trusts across the UK to simplify cross-school working. Our dedicated features help trusts implement consistent processes and aggregate information across schools to track performance, identify best practice and share expertise.Developed by experienced educationalists, our market-leading software allows trust and group executives to organise, support and evaluate staff proficiency and school quality assurance across a family of schools.

Produce holistic reports using aggregated intelligence to review the impact of strategic decision-making at the touch of a button, while also putting staff at the centre of discussions around school improvement.

BlueSky can easily be adapted to meet changing objectives and processes as your school trust grows, supporting your people strategy and aligning all of the schools in the group to consistent appraisal, professional learning and quality assurance processes.Schools can still maintain their autonomy whilst ensuring accountability and supportive structures are visible. Individual staff can maintain their BlueSky portfolio if they move to another school within the trust.