Bounce Together

Online survey platform for schools, monitoring physical plus mental wellbeing and the attitudes to learning.

Bounce Together provide an online survey platform for schools, helping them measure and monitor physical and mental wellbeing and the attitudes to learning of pupils, staff and parents.

What do they do?

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Product Overview.

Hello! My name is Lucy Coy, and I am a co-host of HeadteacherChat. I am delighted to have been given access to BounceTogether to see what they have on offer to support schools and I thought you would be interested to know what I discovered! Read the full review below...

How does BounceTogether describe their product?

“A game-changing survey platform for measuring and monitoring physical and mental wellbeing and the attitudes of pupils, staff, and parents”

Included in the platform is a wide range of pre-loaded researched and validated surveys across twelve categories, including mental well-being, emotional intelligence, and life satisfaction. This product is especially salient right now; never has there been a time where physical and mental wellbeing has been put to the forefront of every school's agenda.

What does it enable you to do?

  • Effectively monitor the wellbeing of students, staff and parents using online, validated surveys
  • This gives immediate evidence for change and input for development planning
  • Provides evidence for your school action plan and inspections
  • Provides you with tangible data that enables you to know what is working well and what needs to be improved

What does Headteacher Chat think?

We believe BounceTogether would be invaluable in supporting any school to achieve its wellbeing goals. It’s highly intuitive software, which made it easy for us to get going without the need for lots of training. This makes it so much more efficient than creating/running your own wellbeing surveys.

The extensive data generated provides evidence for your school plan and inspection preparation, and we can see how the information gathered could help you to quickly see what is working well and what needs to be improved! There are a handful of subscription options tailored for school types and there are even separate options for smaller schools! This makes pricing extremely competitive, and we think this product will undoubtedly save you money and a lot of admin time.

‘Well Together’, one of the services offered by BounceTogether, empowers schools to take charge of whole school wellbeing, with access to expert training by Teachappy and Adrian Bethune with the ultimate goal of achieving a mental health award from Leeds Beckett University. This option allows educators to foster a school culture with wellbeing at its heart and is highly worthwhile looking into.

In summary, HeadteacherChat recommends BounceTogether because:

“We have found the use of the digital questionnaires on BounceTogether to be an invaluable tool in being able to obtain information easily and efficiently and were really impressed with the level of analysis for all of the questionnaires. If you are looking for ways to monitor and evidence wellbeing then we’d highly recommend this product”.

– Lucy Coy, HeadteacherChat.

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