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Practical, down-to-earth wellbeing and people-skills training for staff teams

Supporting schools to build motivated, engaged staff teams. Pragmatic, down-to-earth coaching and training, including our Positive and Productive Wellbeing program. Also, Coaching Skills and People Management training.

What do they do?

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Product Overview.

Hello! My name is Jonathan Coy, and I am CEO of HeadteacherChat™. I am delighted to have been given access to the Positive and Productive Wellbeing Programme by BrightBird Coaching to see what they have on offer to support schools and I thought you would be interested to know what I discovered! 

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What is the Bright Bird’s Positive and Productive Wellbeing Programme? 

Positive and Productive is a practical, down-to-earth online wellbeing programme for staff working in education. It is coaching-based, to equip all staff with the tools and resources to coach themselves for better wellbeing in their school or setting. You can have access to all the content and sessions whenever you wish for a 12-month subscription. See link for the brochure at the bottom.

Watch a video: What is Positive and Productive Wellbeing Programme? 

The programme supports all staff working in education to: 

  • Manage stress and build resilience 
  • Develop time management skills for better work-life balance 
  • Build a positive, problem-solving mindset 

The programme brings a practical, straight-talking and down-to-earth approach to wellbeing in education. 

Their online training platform delivers wellbeing training and support year round – at a time that suits you and your team 

Bright Bird’s blended-learning approach brings 

  • Bite-sized recorded training sessions – with new sessions being added all the time to form a comprehensive library of wellbeing resources 
  • Downloadable coaching resources and workbooks to accompany each session 
  • Live Q&As with expert guests 
  • An online community to share tips, build motivation, seek support and share success

What does HeadteacherChat™ think?
The impact of stress, sickness absence and recruitment and retention has increased in recent times.
The Education Staff Wellbeing Charter was released in Autumn 2021, and sets out the case to build a more positive wellbeing culture in education settings by embedding and improving access to wellbeing training and resources. 

The charter encourages schools and education settings to give staff the resources they need to take responsibility for their own wellbeing and reminds managers they are not expected to provide wellbeing support for which they have no professional training. 

Bright Bird’s Positive and Productive programme provides exactly this resource. Staff can access the resources individually and confidentially, or can use them as part of signposting, or group training sessions. 

Ofsted’s Education Inspection Framework has an active focus on reducing teacher workload, with inspectors considering staff workload as part of the leadership and management judgment. 

Bright Bird’s resources and coaching approach equips and supports staff at all levels to take collective and individual responsibility for managing workload and wellbeing.

Benefits for Schools

Great value for money 

Bright Bird keeps costs low so schools can afford to sign up their whole staff team, not just leadership or teaching staff. This way, you can help you save money by reducing staff sickness absence and presenteeism through your entire team. Subscription is per school or setting and gives 12-month’s access to the programme, all available any time. The programme also provides a great resource for leadership and pastoral teams, who can signpost staff to the programme as part of ongoing CPD and support. Staff can then go through the session and resources together, or individually as appropriate. 

More than just a one-off box-ticking exercise 

Rather than providing an annual half, or one-day CPD session, this 12-month programme allows your team to access the support they need, when they need it. Sessions are stand alone, so participants can choose to complete the whole programme, or just the sessions they need. Live sessions and the online community help keep wellbeing on the agenda, which means the programme is constantly updated. BrightBird’s coaching approach means staff build their own self-coaching skills. 

Designed for Time-Poor Teams 

Sessions are stand alone and last from 5-20 minutes. No homework, other than putting your learning into action. Their training platform and online community allows you to access the training and resources you need at a time to suit you. Avoid the irony of stressing out under-pressure staff by sending them on a Time Management training session! Their simple sign-up process means you just complete a simple spreadsheet with names and work email addresses of staff. Bright Bird will do the rest!


 Positive and Productive Wellbeing Programme has the HeadteacherChat™   

 Stamp of Approval because: 

‘Positive and Productive Wellbeing Programmes offers schools a unique coaching approach providing the tools and resources to enable you and your team to coach yourselves. It really does support you to get the best out of your team.’ 

Jonathan Coy CEO, HeadteacherChat™. March 2022 

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