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Psychological Staff CPD And Training. On-Demand, Modular Courses Which Are Built Around Being Practical, Accessible, Impactful, Engaging, And Time Effective. Includes RISE (Mental Health and Wellbeing) And Precision Teaching Plus.


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Review of EdPyschEd’s RISE which provides resilience training for schools.

Hello! My name is Lucy Coy, and I am a co-host of HeadteacherChat. I am delighted to have been given access to EdPsychEd’s RISE to see what they have on offer to support schools. I thought you would be interested to know what I discovered! Read the full review below....

How does the EdPsychEd describe their product?

As the true severity of the COVID-19 became clear in the Spring of 2020, Child and Educational Psychologists Dr Richard Skelton and Dr Lee Randall decided that they needed to do whatever they could to support children, schools, and families upon the return to school. Listening to the concerns of children, teachers, and mental health professionals, it was clear that the biggest factors negatively impacting children’s wellbeing were coming from the children’s resilience being weakened. They felt that the biggest contribution they could make would be to find a way to support children to develop their resilience and thereby increase their ability to manage current, and future challenges. While programmes to build resilience and wellbeing were available, each focused on one specific area or included strategies only suitable for therapeutic contexts. However, resilience is multi-faceted and what is important for one child is not necessarily helpful for another. Resilience is also something which there is a consensus of its importance for every child.

This led them to develop a programme focused on being comprehensive yet useable and practical for school staff called RISE: Resilience In Schools and Education.

RISE is a meticulously researched, evidence-based whole school resilience programme, in which school staff learn about what resilience is, the elements that comprise it and, most importantly, how to build it within their schools and classrooms.

RISE explores the ‘7C’s & E of Resilience’ or the ‘Eight Pillars of Resilience’ in detail, exploring each pillar and outlining its importance for resilience before sharing a range of practical and easily implementable strategies to build up that pillar of resilience with children in our schools. Creating balance in these critical areas ensures that there are no gaps, reducing the chances of vulnerability. RISE then brings everything together into a cohesive whole-school strategy for implementing school-wide resilience in the form of a ‘Resilience Growth’ model.

In Summary

The RISE programme is delivered through a specialist online training platform at EdPsychEd.co.uk.

What does the team at HeadteacherChat think?

We looked at EdPsychEd and these are our thoughts:

EdPsychEd’s RISE has HeadteacherChat’s seal of approval.

The EdPsychEd’s RISE provides schools with an online training platform to develop staff in developing resilience in children.

We looked at EdPsychEd’s RISE and these are our thoughts:

RISE is Comprehensive.
It covers eight areas of resilience and providing over 35 practical strategies, RISE provides an all-inclusive collection of approaches to build up every child’s resilience.
RISE is Flexible.
It gives the opportunity for some staff to become specialist RISE practitioners within school, while empowering all staff with access to the strategies when they need them most.
RISE is Impactful.
Drawing upon decades of research and experience, each RISE strategy is designed to have the greatest impact in building children’s resilience while being easily useable within the classroom.


Julie Mayers, Reception Teacher and Assistant SENCo (Tameside)

"This is a programme that helps children see that they are important, that they matter, that they can make a difference. RISE is a programme that children need!"

Tracey McCrossan, ELSA /Parent Liason (West Berks)

"RISE is a useful, powerful resource that breaks down the areas of resilience into manageable sections."

Alan Dorrity, Yr 5 teacher (Liverpool)

"The course is eye-opening in terms of working and thinking as an Educational Psychologist rather than as a teacher. RISE provides training in an area in which CPD is lacking."

Additional Feedback for RISE

“I liked how the Resilience course was broken down into lots of small sections. It set out clear aims and expectations of course content. Videos were short but informative for each section and I loved the positive focus and practicality of the strategies.”
"A wonderfully engaging and highly practical course - a must for all primary school teachers!"
"Clear, concise information, delivered in a friendly way. Lots of examples given and strategies to follow. I would highly recommend."
"One of the best trainings I’ve attended (virtually!). These guys really know their stuff and manage to convey the content in a really interesting and accessible way."
"Wow!!! The content delivered was totally up to level of daily usage for every working professional."

How will this be of benefit to schools?

The Importance of Resilience

The scientific evidence is clear that resilience is a core foundation upon which mental wellbeing and academic success is built. Simply put, if we are unable to overcome setbacks and push through when we are tested, then we will be unable to cope with the inevitable challenge's life throws at us. Given the challenges schools, families and children have faced since early 2020, it is easy to see how most of our resilience shifted, often reduced, and will continue to be tested as we come through the pandemic.

Unfortunately, there is a real risk of many children struggling to fully settle into school as things start getting back to normal. Children who lack resilience may find it difficult to do things like remain positive when things go wrong, regulate their emotions when negotiating and compromising with peers and feel confident about their ability to succeed and overcome mistakes amongst other things. As such, children with low resilience capacity will be particularly vulnerable to becoming involved in challenging situations around their education such as peer conflict, low achievement, emotional dysregulation and school refusal. On the other hand, building resilience actively increases children’s wellbeing, builds their relationships, and enables them to be emotionally ready to learn at their optimal level.

RISE Beyond COVID-19

RISE not only specifically highlights where children would benefit from support to build their resilience capacity, but it also gives us the knowledge and tools to actively support them in the most practical and effective manner. RISE is designed to support children and school staff through the current crisis, build better learning environments within schools more generally, and equip children with the resilience they need to succeed throughout their school lives and on into adulthood.

Using RISE doesn’t only anticipate a reduction in the negative consequences that we see for those children who lack resilience, (e.g., peer conflict, defiance, emotional dysregulation, giving up, low self-confidence, etc.) we would also expect to see a significant increase in the positive behaviours engendered by high levels of resilience (e.g., pro-social behaviours, acts of kindness, growth mindset, emotional regulation, self-efficacy, etc.).

It is in this way that the RISE programme will have positive impacts not only for the mental health and wellbeing of children and staff in schools but also upon attainment, engagement and diligence within lessons. RISE holds the potential to be a powerful tool in safeguarding the mental wellbeing and academic success of children, not just to overcome the immediate context but supplying the resilience foundations to increasingly thrive well into their future.

HeadteacherChat Recommends it because:

As school leaders, we feel strongly that now more than ever, pupils need resilience in order to overcome setbacks and to remain positive during this difficult time. We, therefore, feel that it is important to continue to raise the profile of building resilience in schools, and RISE is certainly a very useful training tool for staff.

We recommend RISE, as it is clear, concise and informative, and it can be reused and adapted to meet the training needs of staff at different times. We like the fact that it is based on thorough and up-to-date research, and delivered by experts in the field.

‘If you are looking for a high quality online training platform to enable staff to encourage resilience in pupils, then RISE ticks all the boxes. Clear, concise information, delivered in a friendly and easy to understand way. Lots of examples given and strategies to follow. We would highly recommend EdPsychEd’s RISE.’

Lucy Coy



For more information https://www.edpsyched.co.uk/