The Education Showroom

Hosts of 4 online education supply showcases per week that are free of charge for school, MAT and LA education leaders

Book attendance to The Education Showroom's free showcases! Be Rewarded with a £50 Amazon voucher each and every time - no limits! 

What do they do?

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Education leaders – Discover and book your attendance on our upcoming online Education Supply Showcases. 

Every showcase is free of charge for all senior education leaders – and will be forever!

The Education Showroom are on a mission to empower every school leader to make informed procurement choices and confident purchasing decisions.

It is essential that you are fully equipped with the knowledge, facts and data to consider and select the most suitable, trusted and cost-effective solutions, ultimately enabling you to innovate, optimise and enhance your school.

The Education Showroom are passionate about saving you hours of time, increasing efficiency and helping you to significantly reduce costs by connecting you with industry-leading, evidenced education suppliers. 

Their education supply online showcases are intentionally themed. The benefit to you as a senior education leader is you get to see a variety of products and solutions that are exactly what you have signed-up to see and learn more about - not random businesses doing a variety of different things. Be rewarded when you attend their showcases.

-Not only are all of the showcases free for senior leaders to attend but your school / MAT or LA will receive a £50 Amazon voucher from The Education Showroom, each and every time as a thank you for your time and attendance.

-Your school / MAT will also receive a free gift, courtesy of ReadingMate – complimentary access to their Reading Hub which contains over 5,000 digital / online books for each and every pupil in your school / MAT to use.

When you register your interest to their free showcases, you can select from either an exclusive/private room, which is exclusive to you and your colleagues from your school/MAT/LA or a public room shared with education leaders from other schools, MATs and LAs.