The most effective way for schools to survey pupils, parents and staff members

England’s leading provider of stakeholder surveys, Edurio supports leaders to make informed decisions, set priorities and plan school development based on understanding the experiences of their staff, pupils and parents.

What do they do?

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HeadteacherChat’s Review of Edurio

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How does Edurio describe their product?

“Edurio is the UK’s leading stakeholder feedback and analysis platform for schools. Edurio gives school leaders clarity on the things that matter most, allowing them make informed decisions, set priorities and track progress based on understanding the experiences of their staff, pupils and parents.

This is powered by easy feedback collection on important topics such as retention, equality, diversity and inclusion, parental engagement and safeguarding, with all data housed in a powerful analytics platform. This takes place at each of school, trust and national level: highlighting comparative strengths and areas for improvement for participating schools and trusts, based on up-to-date national benchmarks.

Edurio has expertly crafted survey content, 8 years experience in carrying out surveys in education and the largest benchmark datasets on key priorities for multi-academy trusts. The benchmarks allow trusts to understand how they are doing in comparison to the average, and prioritise actions that will have the highest impact for their organisation.”

What does it enable you to do?

Most school leaders have probably used surveys at some point as a way of capturing the voice of stakeholders. Ensuring questions are relevant and written without bias, and collating the information afterwards, can be an onerous task requiring a particular skill-set and considerable time. Edurio’s platform and team remove the need for all of this, guiding schools and trusts as they embed an evidence-informed approach to school improvement, and allowing leaders to spend their valuable time analysing the data to inform strategic planning and decision-making. 

Edurio’s feedback and analysis platform allows pupils, parents, staff and governors to complete surveys totally anonymously, using tried and tested questions on a range of topics. 

Experience surveys highlight what it is like for pupils, parents or staff within an organisation, helping leaders prioritise the most impactful actions. Deep dive surveys offer insight into equality, diversity and inclusion (EDI), and safeguarding. The standardised questions have been created in collaboration with researchers at University College London and subject matter experts, meaning that any bias is minimised. The wording is very clear and surveys can be translated into a range of languages to maximise participation. Schools and Trusts can add bespoke questions relevant to their needs and/or context. Survey benefits include reducing staff turnover, creating a more inclusive workplace, and improving learning partnerships with parents.

In addition to the interactive results platform, Edurio produces a comprehensive report and meets with school leaders to highlight and discuss particular insights, constructively challenge and pose questions. Many of the responses given by stakeholders are RAG-rated, producing colour-coded results which are easy to share with stakeholders. Analysis can be within a single school or across a Trust, but one of the things that makes Edurio so powerful is that the results are also benchmarked national figures, allowing leaders to see their data in the wider context.

The results can be useful in a number of ways, for example, survey data can be shared with governors and trustees and may provide the evidence leaders need to justify a particular strategic improvement, or the results may offer triangulation of other evidence. Conversely, survey results that differ from other sources of evidence may prompt leaders to reconsider or adjust their actions. If a survey is repeated after specific actions have been implemented, results that show a positive change could provide useful evidence of improvement in the SEF/SDIP, helping to justify strategic actions.

A shortened version of a survey, known as a ‘Pulse’ check-in can also be implemented after a few months to check on the impact of strategies implemented – again, useful where evidence of positive change is required.

Edurio describes how many schools have seen CPD opportunities emerge from the results where leaders have identified examples of good practice in specific areas, either by individual teachers, year groups or schools within a Trust, giving rise to mentoring or coaching opportunities.

Benefits of using Edurio?

●  Surveys designed in partnership with practitioners and subject matter experts

●  Time saved on laborious tasks, combined with outsourced expertise in survey design and analytics, allowing leaders to focus on the most impactful areas

●  Interactive platform allowing for in-depth analysis as well as high-level results

●  Ability to track progress over time by including surveys as part of the school improvement process

●  Whole-school understanding of particular topics: beyond the loud minority

●  Ability to see how the organisation is performing compared with the national benchmark



“In terms of the financial value of Edurio, I think it's a no brainer. If one survey's data gives you enough information to change something, which enables even just one staff member to stay, Edurio's service pays for itself.” Michael Cowland, CEO, COVMAT

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 “Edurio helped us capture the culture of our trust in a way no other tool was able to do.”  David Harris, CEO, EEEA

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“We collect a lot of data to help us improve our teaching and school governance. However, this is rarely directly from the people receiving the education – when that is done, it is mostly through proxies, such as exam results. Edurio allows us to get this useful information directly from the students.” Dominic Norrish, Group Director of Technology, United Learning

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In summary, HeadteacherChat recommends Edurio because:

Edurio’s surveys allow schools to track progress over time as part of the school improvement cycle. Edurio enables leaders to pinpoint areas of focus and improvements and to celebrate successes in an informative and intuitive way.

‘We think Edurio is a valuable tool for leaders to use as part of their school improvement and evaluation cycle. It allows leaders to show evidence of improvement, and to know what needs to have a focus on in a clear and structured way.’ Lucy Coy, CEO HeadteacherChat. October 2022.