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Fonetti is the interactive reading platform that encourages children to read aloud whilst improving accuracy. The School Portal gives teachers access to real time pupil reading data including accuracy, duration and where they’ve struggled.

What do they do?

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Hello! My name is Lucy Coy, and I am CEO of HeadteacherChat™. I am delighted to have been given access to Fonetti to see what they have on offer to support schools, and I thought you would be interested to know what I discovered!  

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What is Fonetti?

Fonetti is a tablet based, interactive reading app for children that enables them to practice reading aloud to embed their learning and promote a love of reading, whilst also giving teaching staff actionable reading data to drive effective classroom interactions.

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Fonetti is a safe, digital place for children to read aloud on their own.

  • When they get the words correct, the clever speech recognition software turns the words green, giving the children instant positive feedback.
  • If they get stuck, they are encouraged to double tap on the screen to ask for help.
  • Fonetti builds confidence, and makes reading fun.

An enticing and engaging platform for children, full of fantastic texts just waiting to be explored

Fonetti has a wealth of fantastic books with lots to choose from, including non-fiction, fiction, and texts linked to specific curriculum topics.

The content is suitable for all primary ages and abilities, and helps to reinforce a love of reading in both reluctant and more confident readers.

Teachers get real time information on how well their pupils are reading

Once you have signed up to Fonetti, teaching staff can log into the School Portal to see immediately who has been reading, for how long, their accuracy level, and who needs extra support. There is also data on the words that the pupil has asked for help with, and the words they struggled with. This data spans across groups, classes, and individual pupils.

For this reason, Fonetti is great to use as a whole class reading solution, and/or as an 1-1 or group intervention.

Teachers can easily select appropriate texts for their readers

Once you have logged into the School Portal, you can allocate texts to individual children and/or whole classes. There is no limit to the number of books you have in your virtual library.

Lots of rewards to encourage happy readers, who want to improve their reading skills

Fonetti not only motivates children to want to read, but it celebrates their successes too! Built into the app is a reward system that congratulates children for completing each book and provides feedback on accuracy and duration over time. The children can look back on their achievements and see how much they have improved.

What does HeadteacherChat™ think?

  • We love the fact that the app is so inviting for children to use.
  • We thought that the range of texts available was fantastic, and gives the children plenty of choice to find a text that is suitable for them.
  • We were impressed by the clever software that listens to the child read, and gives them instant feedback as to how they are getting on.


  • Fonetti is so inviting to use, children will love reading using the app
  • Fonetti is a safe and secure platform for children to use.
  • Fonetti regularly adds to their library of texts, so there is always plenty to choose from.

Fonetti has the HeadteacherChat™ Stamp of Approval because:

‘We love how inviting the app is to use, how simple it is for schools to access and to see real time information on how to support children with their reading. We can see that children’s reading will improve using the app, and that children will love using it.  

Lucy Coy

CEO, HeadteacherChat™ March 2022

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