Digital writing platform, encourages authentic audience and purpose. Can culminate in a published book for every child.

GoWrite is a digital writing platform that encourages authentic audience and purpose and can culminate in a published book for every child. Simple, affordable, effective.

What do they do?

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Product Overview.

Hello! My name is Lucy Coy, and I am co-host of HeadteacherChat. I am delighted to have been given access to the GoWrite™ App to see what they have on offer to support schools. I thought you would be interested to know what I discovered!

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How does the GoWrite™ App describe their product?

Give your class writing a published outcome with GoWrite™. Students write, vote, and become published authors.
Children write at their best when they know why they are writing, and that other people will be reading it.
An online writing platform that inspires engagement in the writing process.

Schools can choose from a range of Book Packs (and adapt them to meet their needs). These Book Packs will include resources to support schools to plan their writing projects. Schools can also use GoWrite+ for individual writing activities that do not have a published outcome, but still support the features of GoWrite™ - designed to support remote learning. Schools can use GoWrite to enhance their current writing provision and build it into existing curriculum.

In summary….

The GoWrite™ is an online writing platform which we feel is just perfect for remote and in class learning.

  • Beautifully produced visual literacy resources ensure that children are provided with a high-quality writing experience.
  • Helps with remote learning of English, teachers can engage more with the writing process.
  • It is extremely easy to set-up and use.
  • Saves time and money for the school.
  • Supports children with their writing.
  • Pupils can share work easily amongst their peers.
  • Rewards children.
  • Helps the drafting purpose.

Published personalised paperback books at the end of the project.

What does the team at HeadteacherChat think?

The GoWrite™ App has HeadteacherChat’s seal of approval.

The GoWrite™ App provides schools with an online writing platform. It is a quick and easy app to use for both adults in schools and parents at home.

We looked at GoWrite™ and these are our thoughts:

  • We love this fantastic digital writing platform that is affordable, easy-to-use, and accessible for parents, pupils, and staff.
  • It removes the need for paper-based writing books for remote learning. All work is saved on the platform for teacher, parents, and classmates to review.
  • We like the reward system which encourages children to write.
  • Pupils have their own login information to share their own writing with school and so that they can comment about the books that they are writing.
  • We like the fact that you can see how the child’s writing has progressed throughout their time at school.
  • We love the fact that schools and parents can purchase a published book of their children’s writing.
  • We think the children will love the opportunity to gain digital rewards for writing and to be able to create avatars.

How will this be of benefit to schools?

GoWrite™ App provides an online writing platform for schools. We particularly like how easy it is to use for everyone, including the pupils.

We are all for remote learning options, and GoWrite™ is certainly a clever idea that helps to reduce the costs both to the school and helps to get children in remote learning for writing.

"The ' GoWrite™' app has been incredibly effective at engaging pupils at home and in school. During these unusual times, we have been able to encourage all children to partake in the class Leavers Book.
I have found the site incredibly accessible, as have the children. They have particularly enjoyed star casting each other's work (the anonymous feature is a brilliant way for all entries to be judged fairly).
I feel confident and enthusiastic about embracing further writing projects in the future. Many thanks."
Miss Higgins - SS Peter and Paul Catholic Primary School

HeadteacherChat’s Verdict:

✓ We love the fact that the app is easy to understand and use.

✓ We love the fact that the app encourages children to write.

✓ We love the Book Packs to help engage the children with their writing.

✓ Good value for money.

‘We are really impressed with this App. It really promotes the engagement of parents with writing and will have a positive impact on the culture of writing in schools. Children also receive a published book with their work within it. Parents love the app; they enjoy seeing the rewards badges coming in and can have meaningful conversations about their child’s writing. It’s excellent value for money, easy to set up and use and genuinely helps engage children with their writing!’

Website: www.go-write.co.uk

Twitter: @GoWriteUK

Lucy Coy