InvestED wellbeing is an Education, Training & Mentorship company that is revolutionising Headship in the Primary Sector

They are building the world’s most honourable and trusted development space for Heads and their teams. InvestED is an established service that equips and transforms headships and their teams within the Primary sector, building and expanding the ultimate educational experience for the staff, pupils and school community. The InvestED team are multidisciplinary experts in the fields of learning, behaviour and community building. Their mission is to craft a world where Educators are valued, equipped and energised for the greater good of the world's future generations.

What do they do?

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Product Overview.

1. Trusted Advisory and Coaching- Our unique and award winning Trusted Advisory and Coaching service is radically transforming the role, performance and mindset of SLT teams across the Country. We provide 1:1 and SLT Team support to deepen your practice and skillset around Behaviours, Habits, Language and Mindsets. Learn how to identify, relate, and enhance positive behaviours in yourself as a leader, and in your team and pupils.

Our expert advisors provide an online service to educators to eradicate repetitive and restricting patterns, challenges and outcomes across the school, in its staff and pupils. Our proven record of providing exceptional solutions and actions for long term growth across behaviour and learning in the classroom is paramount for conscientious Heads who know that leading their community in a modern, refreshed and inspired way takes skill and wisdom. SLT go from feeling time poor, overworked, stressed and doing their best in all they do, to leading and resolving challenges with calm, considered and informed approaches for every educational challenge that arises.

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2. Pit Stop Education CPD Programme- Whether you are a school looking to make a change or a MAT ready to build an incredible legacy, the Pit Stop Education Programme is the online CPD solution to put your institution at the forefront of educational development and intelligence
The Pit Stop Education programme is a multi-award winning team training that brings cohesion for every school to build sustainability through development of exceptional behaviour, learning, inclusivity and mental health.

Schools learn how to deliver exceptional classroom solutions to embed into daily teaching and learning, transforming, and enhancing the community through a range of strategies, tools and frameworks; everything we have built over the last 10 years, put into chunked down and accessible resources for you to disperse for the benefit of your whole school. The programme affects how the community thinks, feels about themselves, each other, their abilities and importance in the world, heightening their purpose, learning how to manage their behaviour and how to amplify their body and mind, supporting every child to leave the school as a grounded and regulated young person. The programme includes online training and live support sessions.

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3. Live events- InvestED host regular events both in-person and online, designed to evokes a valuable and innovative perspective to provoke transformational education. Our events are for Leaders, aspiring Leaders, Teachers and Trustees supporting how to identify, enhance and overcome the Mental Health, Wellbeing, Behaviour and Learning challenges that schools face on a daily basis.

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All our services and events are led by the duo that makes up the creators of Invested Wellbeing, Megs Sharland and Bryony Moore. They are the human intelligence and behaviour nerds, both having over 20 years’ experience in the Education sector.
The double act are community building learning specialists who thrive off helping the committed educators take their uniquely brilliant school into realms of utter intoxicated learning and community.
They became educational trainers and coaches because they wanted to help other educators access the ultimate transformational skills and tools, so school members overcome the stress and pressure that comes with the territory of education and instead help educators, massage their mind, feel alive, thrive and be part of an exhilarating learning community, no matter what strains they are under. They take Heads into a ‘can do’ and refreshed mindset that sweeps across the school’s children, staff and wider community.
Simply put; behaviour, communication and learning happens to be their thing, troubleshooting strained scenarios light’s them up! Even with those common, draining behaviour situations that ripple across the sector, and school aren't sure where to turn to next (the runners, the refusers, the outbursts, the interviews… you know what we mean!)

They are here to infuse your schools’ unique values and goals with intelligent mindsets where behaviour is refined and the whole community is equipped to teach energising lessons, build quality healthy relationships so everyone can learn how to excel and improve emotionally, physically, and intellectually. Whether a child enters schools with the foundations they need, these two are here to make sure they get them!  

Children, after learning these approaches, have literally been seen gliding into the SATS like they are going for a picnic on a Saturday afternoon, withdrawing from argumentation without lashing out, the impact is massive! Senior leadership feel like their heads have been massaged after sessions, and their brains start to quick fire, so they troubleshoot and resolve daily school hiccups with a new found, yoda-like wisdom… Seriously, these are the words of the heads who work with this team.

To Megs and Bryony, education is magic, it has the capacity to open doors and the brain to all the possibilities and creations for the future. Even after working in the sector for a whopping 2 decades each, they still believe it. Always will. No government system or change will drain or slow them down.

But, for a long time, they saved and held back their award winning tools, strategies and pillars for learning enhancement, just kept them for their own lessons, observations, departments, keynotes and consultancy work.

That is until, one day, they decided to own the change and impact they were creating. To change the narrative.

They quit the classroom, own their transformational tools and strategies, and stepped into full power as activators and ignitors of educators across the country. They went to award winning staff CPD training within months, even with a lockdown!

Because it turns out that after a decade and a half of educating, their history of outstanding classroom practice and mentorship were down to a series of tools and approaches that no PGCE or CPD they experienced ever touched on. These women studied as performance and life coaches, and a whole other range of learning and behaviour therapies, mindset, mental health and coaching tools alongside their life as teachers…(Remember they are exceptionally geeky).

The duo opened up the ultimate service that allows them to help the sector change, to empathetically support, train and spark head teachers and their team’s energy, skillset and passion for education. They found an exhilarating joy in helping the forgotten heroes, the leaders in education, like you make sure they are not compromising their health and happiness in their leadership, not running their school on dated leadership styles and behavioural systems, and instead harness the passion that sits behind every educator, guide them to build a behaviour and learning approach from paper up that creates a school that is the dream and feels calmer, inspired and connected.