Learning Ladders

An online and in-class formative assessment system.

Learning Ladders is an online and in-class formative assessment system for Primary schools that brings together students, teachers, and parents to improve children's learning.

What do they do?

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Product Overview.

Learning Ladders - Teaching and Learning Platform

Hello! My name is Lucy Coy and I am co-host of Headteacher Chat. I am excited to have been given exclusive access to Learning Ladders to see what they have on offer for schools. I thought you would be interested to know what I discovered!

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How does Learning Ladders describe their product?

‘Learning Ladders is an online and in-class formative assessment system for Primary schools that brings together students, teachers and parents to improve children’s learning. It gives your school an assessment framework that aligns with your curriculum. At the click of a button, teachers can assess pupil progress against a series of 'I can' statements that represent the skills and knowledge planned in your curriculum.'  

Headteacher review of Learning Ladders

'It's your school's assessment, you choose how it's implemented.’

What does the team at Headteacher Chat think?

Learning Ladders are super easy to use and understand. We loved how quickly and simply we were able to find all of the information we needed.  

We can totally see why they have won awards from Bett for six years in a row!

"An inspirational tool to ensure meaningful assessment is at the heart of all learning." Headteacher


Learning Ladders is a colourful, super simple platform that helps:

  • Leaders to analyse their school data quickly and easily,  
  • Governors and Inspectors to see where the strengths are and identify the next steps for the school development plan,
  • Teachers to see how their pupils are getting on with their learning,
  • And parents to have all the information they need to support their child.  

What do we think?

  • We love the simplicity of the information provided on the screen, which makes it perfect to present to Governors and Inspectors.  
  • Leaders, teachers and parents all have access, making this a useful way to communicate learning across the school in real-time.
  • Assessments can easily be matched to the school’s own curriculum, by a series of pupil friendly ‘I can” statements, making it a truly bespoke product for your school.
  • It’s such an easy to use platform and enables leaders to measure the children’s progress and attainment. This is available on a pupil, class and whole school level.
  • Teachers can log in to a virtual mark book, update pupil information and then identify any gaps to inform their planning and teaching.  
  • Parents have access to teacher-written articles which link directly to their child's Learning Ladders. Each article breaks the curriculum down into manageable chunks, explaining how the objective is taught at school and recommending ways parents can help at home. The 'Ladders at Home' site, and all of its curriculum resources, can be translated into over thirty languages at the click of a button, meaning schools can now support and engage all parents.

How will this be of benefit to schools?

There are summative reports for school leaders to access which can be filtered by characteristics such as Gender, SEN, EAL, Free School Meals and Pupil Premium. Teachers also have access to reports that are easy to use and allow teachers to see how their children are progressing, and where the gaps in learning are. Teachers can view and present key information at an individual, class or whole school level.  

Easy-to-read parents’ reports are also available, saving schools time whilst ensuring that parents get all of the information they need about how best to support their child at home. With the mixed economy of at-home and at-school learning - Ladders at Home supports both teachers and parents.

"I like all the new additions; they certainly enhance the site especially the Gap Analysis and ability to print grids. The Grids look a really manageable way to work with children and parents"

Deputy Head Teacher

Learning Ladders has stepped up to the plate with its teaching and learning platform, ensuring that assessment is informative, powerful, but not added to the school’s workload. It’s super easy to use and understand and we think you will love it!


✓ Reliably and objectively shows what pupils have achieved  

✓ Outstanding gap analysis to show pupil progress

✓ Powerful and instant reporting features for in-depth insights

✓ Massively reduces teachers and leader's workload

✓ Designed intelligently to shape future learning

✓ Improving home and school communication via Ladders at Home.  


“If you are looking to spend more time focussing on the important things such as children’s learning, and less time analysing data so you can help children achieve ambitious standards and enable everyone to experience success, this will certainly benefit your school.”  Lucy Coy, Headteacher Chat