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We develop schools by developing teachers.



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Through our programme of high-quality and targeted continued professional development, we are committed to helping schools and teachers continually improve.


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Learning Partnership’s CPD Programme

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How does Learning Partnership describe their CPD programme?

We develop schools by developing teachers.

Through our programme of high-quality and targeted continued professional development, we are committed to helping schools and teachers continually improve.

The Learning Partnership is different. We work in partnership with schools and educators to identify emerging needs each year, and tailor our CPD offer to help schools improve in the areas that matter the most.

Our training focuses on pedagogy, school leadership, foundation subjects and curriculum development, offering development opportunities for teachers at all levels.


‘I’ve always had enormous respect for Iain’s work. I am delighted to see this programme up and running and delighted to play a part in it as well. I value and rate the Learning Partnership’s work highly.’ Education adviser, writer and speaker.

‘Underpinning this partnership is an ethos, culture and values which align to that of the trust! Integrity and relentless vision and commitment for sustainable system wide improvement.’ CEO (Partner Schools 2021-22).

‘We chose the Learning Partnership as we felt it provided a varied and robust CPD offer. We value the opportunity work with colleagues from further afield and learn from each other. The virtual training enables means we can send a number of staff on each session, which we hope will increase the impact of training on our school.’ Headteacher, NLE (Partner Schools 2021-22).

What does Learning Partnership’s CPD package enable you to do?

To support schools on their school improvement journeys, by providing timely, responsive, and effective CPD and JPD opportunities for staff. They work in partnership with schools by analysing SDPs, Ofsted reports, and conversations with school leaders, to identify emerging needs, evaluate impact and to provide schools with training opportunities that drive real school improvement.

Learning Partnership offers you a truly bespoke CPD solution in line with your School Development Plan and training needs. 

Learning Partnership has HeadteacherChat’s Stamp of Approval because:

Learning Partnership really is a partnership for your individual school, working to continuously provide strategic and high quality CPD programmes, tailored to your needs and to the current local and national trends. 

Your individual CPD programme is thoughtfully designed with your school development plan in mind. Iain will help you to understand what training is needed to drive improvement and then help you to achieve this.

With a large selection of courses available, and the continuous support from Iain and the team, who really gets to know what you are looking for, this is a perfect solution for schools looking to drive improvement which is closely linked to your priorities. More and more schools are looking for real CPD opportunities that make a real difference to the school. Learning Partnership offers the ideal solution to this.’ Jonathan Coy, CEO, HeadteacherChat. October 2021

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Visit their website: https://learningpartnership.uk/courses-events/#2021-10

Email Iain at Learning Partnership: iain.simper@learningpartnership.org.uk

Or call Iain on: 01733 686886