Give teachers and students the skills to make rapid and sustained improvements in reading, phonics and vocabulary.

Lexonik’s literacy programmes give teachers and students the skills to make rapid and sustained improvements in reading, phonics and vocabulary; securing the foundations of learning for any age of learner.

What do they do?

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Product Overview.

HeadteacherChat’s Review of Lexonik Advance

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How does Lexonik describe their product?

Lexonik produces a range of Literacy intervention programmes, one of them being Lexonik Advance.

“Lexonik Advance is our flagship reading intervention. It raises students’ reading age by 27 months on average in just 6 weeks - the gains are evidenced by Northumbria University and recently the NLT (see below for the link to Lexonik’s website and the full report).


It is delivered through 1-hour sessions over six weeks and is a face to face, fully resourced, targeted, teacher-led intervention for students with a standardised score of 85-115. It develops metacognition, automaticity and fluency, and teaches a methodology whereby students can decode and access vocabulary at point of need, allowing them to become fluent readers and ultimately able to comprehend. It builds student confidence and has a positive impact on pedagogy. It helps us towards our mission which is that everyone should be able to read.”

What does it enable you to do?

Lexonik Advance provides an intensive reading intervention that can be used across a wide range of ages and settings from upper primary to secondary, FE and prisons.

Once the member of staff has received their 2-day Lexonik Advance training (either face-to-face or remote) and full pack of resources, the students taking part can be identified. An initial assessment provides a baseline, with a second assessment completed at the end to measure progress. Groups are small with the teacher to student ratio being 1 to 4. Lexonik explains that it does not have to be teachers who are trained in Lexonik Advance – those best placed to deliver the programme consistently could well be a TA, HLTA or librarian.

The scheme of work is described as highly prescribed, scripted and pacy. It focuses on teaching syllables at speed and a thorough understanding of prefix, stem and suffix definitions. Lexonik Advance states that this gives students a skill to enable them to decode and work out words including, for example, specific scientific and mathematical vocabulary. Words taught are grouped into age appropriate levels, up to Level 5 for university students(example L2 words = location, bicycle, L3 = autonomous, manufacture).

Lexonik Advance is a licensed product. In the first year, this covers training for one member of staff, all necessary resources, a support video and 6 hours of QA and support. In subsequent years the fee drops and, usefully, includes free training for a teacher replacement, which is helpful if staff move on or change roles.

In September 2021, Lexonik commissioned a National Literacy Trust impact evaluation. The report focused on changes in students’ reading attainment alongside changes in school staff’s teaching and classroom practice and was published in October 2022. One of the key findings stated:

“On average, students who took part in Lexonik Advance had a standardised score of 94.5 before taking part. After taking part in the programme, the average score had increased to 106.0. The changes were sustained long after the programme ended as students scored on average 105.8 several months after taking part.”

Benefits of using Lexonik Advance?

  • Excellent student progress – average reading age gains of +27 months in just six one-hour sessions (verified in independent studies)
  • All ages and abilities – for students aged ‘8 to 80’
  • Sustainable catch-up intervention
  • By teachers, for teachers


Case Study – Laurence Jackson School (secondary)


Northern Education Trust


In summary, HeadteacherChat recommends Lexonik Advance because:

Lexonik Advance offers a fantastic range of tools for teachers to carry out highly impactful interventions. Lexonik Advance is a short-term intervention proven to have long-term impact. The prescriptive nature of the programme, and the fact that it comes fully resourced, makes it easy to implement. The specialised training of staff leaves a legacy in school and offers the potential for systematic change in teaching practice.

Lucy Coy, CEO, HeadteacherChat.  November 2022