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Observations, learning walks, book studies and surveys for your ipad or tablet. Views will then be presented on your online dashboard and PDF reports.

What do they do?

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Product Overview.

School Improvement goes real-time with an innovative tech solution

Hello! My name is Jonathan Coy, and I am co-host of HeadteacherChat. I am delighted to have been given access to Nautilus to see what they have on offer to support schools and I thought you would be interested to know what I discovered!  

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How does Nautilus describe their product?

The Nautilus school improvement tool is a very simple, high impact, online product that has been designed to support school leaders with the process of assessing and improving, all aspects of school provision.  Your provision is a daily hive of activity. It can be easy for school leaders to end up shackled to their desks, stuck in stand-alone evaluation cycles and paperwork exercises, offering limited scope for sustained improvement.  

Whilst many schools will apply stand-alone lesson observations, we believe that when we add meaningful and focused learning walks, drop-in observations, and book studies, we can acquire a much more insightful view of everyday provision. This means that precious time collaborating with learning partners, leaders and colleagues can be spent using Nautilus to observe and discover together.

Photo-capture. You can now take photos, tag, share best practice as to take your learning walks and book studies, creating a communal gallery of your provision. Helping leaders to raise awareness, quality assure and raise standards.


We’ve given leaders more control. You can create your own observations, learning walks and book studies. You can also import and export them in seconds, sharing good practice between schools. You can also edit the judgements and create your own colour schemes.


Allocate subject responsibilities to your observers so that they can evaluate with their own subject leadership dashboard.


Feedback instantly using your ‘Workflow’, individual reports or whole school strategic reports. More ways to feedback, making it easier to provide formal or informal feedback.

An Introduction to Nautilus

What does it enable you to do?

  • Nautilus Education takes the pain out of school's monitoring. It provides a process of assessing and improving, all aspects of school provision. It is designed to guide the observers and capture feedback.
  • Simple to use, intuitive, and powerful in the analysis of your school, academy, or trust.
  • Comprehensive support package focusing on best use and sharing leadership solutions and suggestions.

What does Headteacher Chat think?

We believe Nautilus Education would be invaluable in supporting any school to achieve their school monitoring goals. It’s highly intuitive software, which made it easy for us to get going without the need for lots of training. This makes it so much more efficient than creating/running your own school monitoring plans. Nautilus will transform your reporting. All your school's monitoring in one place, online.  

Secure, yet easy to share, it puts leaders in control of their school’s monitoring journey.

The extensive data generated provides evidence for your school plan and inspection preparation, and we can see how information gathered could help you to quickly see what is working well and what needs to be improved!  

This makes pricing extremely competitive, and we think this product will undoubtedly save you money and a lot of admin time.

‘I just wanted to say a huge thank you for the speed and ease at which we’ve been able to sign up to Nautilus.  We’ll roll everything out to our schools over the coming weeks. I wanted to feedback to say how pleased we’ve been from the initial contact through to getting set up.' Andrew Wilson, Director of Education, Grove Learning Trust.


‘The head uses the Nautilus evaluation software to good effect. Consequently, the quality assurance of the effectiveness of teaching results in her being able to celebrate successes and identify any potential pitfalls in a timely manner.’

Senior HMI


‘The evidence we are collating is giving us the confidence to celebrate the wonderful work that is happening in school. It's also giving us critical insights into the next steps we need to take as a team.’ Nicky Jones, head teacher. Clifton Green Primary School.

Benefits of using Nautilus.

  1. Understand every strength and opportunity for improvement in your school, academy, or MAT.
  2. Provide your Trust, RSC, inspector, governing board, trustees, and other stakeholders with up-to-date and evidence-backed monitoring.
  3. Excellent value for money.

In summary, HeadteacherChat recommends Nautilus because:

“We have found the use of the most intuitive school monitoring tool on Nautilus to be an invaluable tool in being able to obtain information easily and efficiently and were really impressed with the level of analysis for all of the reports. If you are looking for ways to monitor and evidence teaching and learning, then we’d highly recommend this product.”

Jonathan Coy, HeadteacherChat.

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