One Education

Empower school leadership teams and teachers to enhance the quality of education for young people.

One Education was established in 2011 to empower school leadership teams and teachers to enhance the quality of education for young people.

What do they do?

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Product Overview.

HeadteacherChat’s Review of One Education

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How does One Education describe their product?

One Education is a multi-service provider based in Manchester, providing pupil and business related services to schools across Greater Manchester and beyond. We have worked with over 400 schools and academies, raising educational standards and improving outcomes for thousands of pupils.

From Finance, Governance and HR to Educational Psychology and SEND, we offer support across the whole school, empowering school leaders, business managers and teachers to champion excellence at every level. We deliver bespoke training opportunities and practical solutions, as well as strategic advice to drive school development.  From teaching and learning to school business management, the breadth of our services and expertise gives us an unparalleled advantage as a service provider.

We have a unique understanding of the ever-evolving nature of the education sector, and all the ways schools must adapt to reflect the changing landscape. One Education equips staff with the tools and knowledge to continue meeting the needs of their pupils.

Having supported schools and trusts for over a decade, One Education responds to key changes as the sector evolves. We adapt our services to reflect the latest guidance and documentation, such as Keeping Children Safe in Education, the Education Inspection Framework, the SEND Code of Practice, and the Schools White Paper, ensuring schools fulfill all statutory requirements and stay prepared for the future.

Our pupil services draw on leading-edge research, pedagogy and child development theory to enhance the learning experience and support pupils with a diverse set of challenges and needs.

Delivering a wide range of training, termly briefings and conferences, we ensure that practitioners can keep pace with current standards, best practice and industry developments.

What does it enable you to do?

Although One Education is based in Manchester, it draws on a wide range of experts from across the country. They understand the demands of school life, and the quantity and complexity of information that school leaders need to keep up with.

Using their experience from a diverse range of contexts, professionals at One Education can provide support for a specific need e.g. safeguarding but, equally, schools are turning to One Education for their complete range of products and services. One Education states that feedback they receive very frequently describes how personable and friendly they are and how well they work with schools to understand each organisation’s unique context and needs.

They believe that a key advantage of using One Education is their flexibility. At one extreme this can be supporting the whole school community with all aspects of school management, teaching and learning - from head teachers and senior leaders to school business managers, subject leaders, governors, teachers and support staff.  Alternatively, this can be support for individual teachers needing ‘hands on’ help with casework, whether this is involving Educational Psychologists, SEND or counseling services.

The range of services they cover is vast – school improvement (self evaluation, performance management, pupil premium reviews), teaching and learning, school business management (payroll, HR, governor support, academisation), welfare services (safeguarding, emotional and trauma support) and SEND, to name just a few. They also offer many courses and conferences, as well as templates and proformas covering many areas.

Benefits of using One Education?

  • Variety - One Education offers a wide range of services, ensuring our support is flexible and responsive to ever changing school needs and budgets.

  • Expertise - Our team of specialists is made up of education experts; former school leaders, business managers and teachers together with highly qualified and practised professionals. Drawing on our skills and experience, we provide the highest quality services to schools.

  • Relationships - We pride ourselves on becoming an extension of the school leadership team – more than just a supplier, we are partners working together to achieve the same goal.

  • Child-centred – One Education truly believes that every child deserves the best possible education. We put the child and their needs at the centre of everything we do, ensuring they get the support they need to reach their full potential.

  • Holistic – We work collaboratively across the educational sector and with other agencies, charities, social care, health providers, and academic bodies to continually enhance our service offer, improve our reach and secure the best outcomes for children and young people.


Their advice and guidance is excellent in helping us move our school forward, working in a more efficient way. It’s the professional friendly approach that I value. Nothing is ever too much trouble.”

Carol Harwood, The Heys Primary, Tameside

“We can ask whatever question we want and always feel supported. Nothing is too much fuss or trouble. The One Education Team are so hardworking and we know we can always rely on them.”

Dianne Harris, Newall Green Primary School,

In summary, One Education has the HeadteacherChat Stamp of Approval because:

One Education offers such a vast range of services that are essential for school leaders. From school improvement, to teaching and learning, to school business management, to welfare services and SEND, and all with the support of the team at One Education to help guide you in the right direction.’

Lucy Coy,  CEO, HeadteacherChat, November 2022.