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Helping you improve outcomes through increasing engagement, improving motivation and unlocking hidden potential.

Helping you improve outcomes through increasing engagement, improving motivation and unlocking hidden potential. Plain Sailing Motivation are specialists in motivation and engagement. We provide coaching and training and work with schools, parents and pupils to support teachers and pupils with mental health and engagement.

What do they do?

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Plain Sailing Motivation Assessment and Coaching Toolkit

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How does Plain Sailing describe their product?

We Make Motivation Simple 

We are passionate about enabling people to shine.

Working with schools, colleges, youth development organisations, parents and guardians, and focusing on motivation, we support people to improve self-awareness, relationships and engagement. Whether we get out of bed to go to school, college or work, we do so because we are motivated. Until now, it has been hard to identify what it is that gives us that energy.

‘Thank you very much for your insight and kindness, and for helping me to understand the dynamics of the situation and personalities at work.  I look forward to the new term with more confidence.  I feel I know what to pursue for personal satisfaction and with patience and kindness towards myself (no more beating myself up!).  Using the knowledge I have gained, I will explore options, make time for social interaction and accept what motivates me is not the same as what motivates others!  I am now on a fresh journey to workplace happiness.’ Teacher, Cambridge

‘The motivational mapping exercise has given the team a much more creative and effective way to approach project planning and management. As a Manager, it has given me deeper insight and understanding of my team members.’ AS, Head of Department

What does it enable you to do?

Plain Sailing Motivation allows you to understand what motivates your teachers and students to improve results, increase attendance and engagement and to help your school or college and most importantly your students to achieve more.

To begin with, information is collected via a short set of baseline assessments to give leaders an in-depth understanding of the staff and/or pupil’s motivations. This information is then fed into the Motivational Map, in order to monitor progress and to provide further support.

Plain Sailing Motivation has the HeadteacherChat Stamp of Approval because:

We think that Plain Sailing is a powerful tool to help senior leaders understand what motivates their staff and students. Not only does Plain Sailing Motivation help to provide a list of key areas to work on, but they also help to develop overall understanding over what to improve and how. 

Benefits of using Plain Sailing

Senior leaders will receive up-to-date understanding about what motivates staff and pupils, helping them to tailor support according to their needs. 
Plain Sailing’s well thought-through package supports teacher’s personal development, providing workshops, INSET days and 1-1 and group coaching.

‘Understanding what motivates your pupils and staff is an invaluable tool for leaders to see how they can improve provision for all. Plain Sailing’s Motivation packages are well thought through and will provide you with lots of useful information, helping staff, pupils and parents alike. If you’re looking for a way to boost confidence and attainment for the whole school community, then we’d highly recommend this product.’ – Jonathan Coy, CEO, HeadteacherChat. October 2021.

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