Primary PE Passport

Plan, Assess, Evidence and Report on PE and School Sport at the touch of a button

The PE Passport is an online Physical Education tool. Plan, assess, evidence and report all areas of PE and School Sport on our interactive platform.

What do they do?

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Product Overview.

HeadteacherChat’s Review of Primary PE Passport

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How does Primary PE Passport describe their product?

Primary PE Passport is a complete physical education platform to plan, assess, evidence and report on PE across school. Whether an ECT or experienced PE professional, the PE Passport provides everything needed to deliver a broad, balanced and progressive PE curriculum, as well having the ability to monitor the subject at the touch of a button

It is available across multiple platforms - Apple, Android and the web. The PE Passport comes with a full scheme of work with progressive lesson plans that include teaching points, instructional diagrams and guidance videos. Teachers can plan and track all aspects of PE, school sport and physical activity as well as creating extra-curricular overviews and registers. 

Ongoing support is provided, using an up-to-date subject leader toolbox containing documents relating to skills and knowledge progression, lesson observations and key vocabulary. The programme is written, and supported, by teachers who also provide regular support through individual school webinars and a termly CPD programme.

What does it enable you to do?

One of the key features of PE Passport is its flexibility. The team are realistic in recognising the pressures within schools, and that each organisation, subject leader and teacher will utilise the functions to varying degrees according to their own needs and context.

 It provides new or inexperienced staff with a complete, fully planned curriculum and relevant resources, such as videos demonstrating specific skills. These can also be easily accessed by supply teachers. More experienced staff can ‘dip in’ to individual units as required for subject knowledge or ideas for activities. Two hundred units of work for Reception through to Year 6 can be accessed, as well as assessment statements (which link to the National Curriculum), however, schools can also import their own. By using an iPad effectively in lessons, teachers can build up evidence-based profiles of each child that are added to from Year R through to Year 6.

For the PE subject leader, PE Passport can help them understand and evidence the bigger picture, for example progression across the school, areas of strength and for development, and data on a wide range of aspects including swimming, after-school sports participation, and attendance in PE lessons.  PE Passport describes feedback from subject leaders who say that they feel reassured that they have a better understanding of their subject across the school. Added to this, their colleagues feel far more confident in delivering and assessing PE and can access a support system and CPD programme provided by staff with teaching experience.

PE Passport frequently organise webinars for participating schools on specific topics such as ‘Dance specialism’ or how to gather effective video evidence of children’s progress.  Once purchased, there is on-going telephone support from the PE Passport team for specific queries. Schools also receive regular newsletters and access to a resource library, risk assessments and templates for different sports events, and questionnaires for use with pupils, parents and staff.

Importantly, the Sports Premium can be used to purchase subscription to the PE Passport, which is a one- year contract. The price varies depending on the size of primary school and there is a 14-day free trial which gives access to the full package.

Benefits of using Primary PE Passport?

  • Full broad, balanced and progressive scheme of work.
  • Evidence progress and assess with one touch of a button.
  • Extra curricular / event planning documents and registers.
  • Covers all 5 Key Indicators of the PE and Sports Premium Grant.
  • Ongoing support with the platform as well as an additional CPD programme.


“We are now into Year 3 of our partnership with the PE Passport and we have over 350 schools in Lancashire using the platform. For Schools, the interface, user friendly features and customer experience is first class. For the Lancashire Professional Development Service to be able to provide digital access to our scheme of work, plans and assessment system has been a game changer. Plus the ability to access, view and compare any schools data is invaluable and allowed us to target our support.” Jess Squires, PE Advisor, Lancashire Professional Development.

“We absolutely love PE Passport. I have used this as the base for my NPQML and PE is in by far the best shape it has been in at school. Teachers love the simplicity and resources that it provides and we have finally managed to get all teachers completing PE to a high standard.” Mr Peck Primary School PE Subject Lead

In summary, HeadteacherChat recommends Primary PE Passport because:

‘Primary PE Passport is a comprehensive physical education platform for planning, evaluating, documenting, and reporting on PE throughout the school. The PE Passport offers everything required to give a broad, balanced, and progressive PE curriculum, as well as the opportunity to monitor the topic at the press of a button, whether you're an ECT or a veteran PE expert.
Primary PE Passport, is such a comprehensive platform for schools, it makes sense to have this in your school.’  

Jonathan Coy, CEO HeadteacherChat, September 2022

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