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We help school leaders manage stress, anxiety and daily school pressures, with practical, research-driven training

We've developed a unique programme called "Heart Health for Headteachers". It is designed to help you understand the impact of stress on you, personally as a school leader. And to provide you with proven and scientifically validated tools and strategies that make measurable improvements to your health and wellbeing. Developed by Health and Wellbeing specialists, Dr. Carla Stanton and Maria Brosnan, the results with Headteachers so far have been extraordinary. “It’s one of the best things I’ve ever done. It’s completely changed me as a professional.“ James Newman, Headteacher EPSOM AND EWELL HIGH SCHOOL The unprecedented demands of the last few years have greatly increased Headteachers’ stress levels, and evidence shows that “gritting through” challenge and not addressing the impact it is having, ultimately impedes performance, wastes time and resources, and can dangerously impact health. While heads may know that stress negatively impacts their health, many don’t have the evidence-based tools to address this effectively. "Heart Health for Headteachers" is a short programme of four sessions incorporating three core components: coaching, the use of biofeedback technology and education/training. Sessions can be for individuals or small groups of between 3 and 8 participants. By the end of the four sessions, participants will be able to: ✓ Measurably improve their Heart Rate Variability; a key marker of heart health; ✓ Reduce anxiety, panic, stress or feelings of overwhelm the moment it occurs; ✓ Reduce the impact of stress before, during, and after a difficult conversation or challenging situation; ✓ Improve their ability to problem-solve and communicate effectively in the face of challenge or crisis; ✓ Improve the quality of their sleep, and more, through the application of scientifically validated self-regulation techniques, supported by biofeedback technology. Please get in touch to hear more about this unique and effective way to measurably reduce stress in your life. “The Heart Health programme really does make a tangible difference to how I am able to deal with the many challenges I face on a daily basis.” Matt O'Grady, Headteacher WEST HORNDON PRIMARY SCHOOL

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