TeachFX is a new way to lead instruction & professional learning

TeachFX is a new way to lead instruction & professional learning -- at scale. Our app uses AI to provide every teacher with personalized feedback and simplified self-reflection, grounded in research-supported practice.

What do they do?

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Product Overview.

With TeachFX, you can provide every teacher the feedback and support they need to superpower their teaching practice. Using our app, teachers get frequent feedback on student voice and engagement in their classrooms, without being reliant on staff capacity for classroom observations. Teachers simply record the audio of their lesson using TeachFX [it works on any phone, tablet, or laptop].

Our AI provides insights into classroom dynamics – when students use reasoning, questioning techniques, and other instructional practices. With these insights, teachers have the support they need to foster more meaningful academic dialogue to facilitate deeper learning and help close opportunity gaps. And, TeachFX integrates teaching practice with site-wide teaching and learning initiatives, helping teachers and leaders see their progress towards instructional goals.

HeadteacherChat’s Overview of TeachFX

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How does TeachFX describe their product?

With the push of a button, teachers can use the TeachFX app to record audio of their lesson. Our app automatically provides insights into the academic dialogue and teaching practices that research shows promote deeper learning – student engagement and talk time, equity of student voice, open-ended questioning, wait time, and more.

Reflecting on that feedback for less than 5 minutes reliably produces positive change in teacher practice. And teachers using TeachFX increased student talk by 40% on average last school year.

What does it enable you to do?

TeachFX is very user-friendly and can be used on any device to create an audio recording of their lesson. Although purchased as a school licence, a teacher’s recording is available only to themselves. TeachFX believes that the key advantage over a video recording of a lesson is the highly accurate AI analysis which is then produced. TeachFX class reports can be reviewed by teachers in minutes vs. the time to review an entire video of a lesson. A randomized controlled trial found that reviewing this data for just minutes, teachers reliably change teaching practice and learning outcomes. This is a very visual and user-friendly report showing a timeline of the lesson, which can be used:

  • To indicate teacher, student and group talk ratios, as well as silences, and the length of each of these. By clicking on any section of the lesson, the teacher can listen to the content in that part, or read a transcript if preferred.
  • To highlight moments when questions were asked (student and teachers) and the ‘think time’ provided by the teacher. Similarly, conversational patterns can be examined, eg ‘ping pong’ style (T – St – T – St) or ‘volleyball’ (T – St – St – St – St) 

The report also produces ‘word clouds’ – a useful visual representation showing the frequency of new or technical vocabulary within the lesson.


If TeachFX is used and analysed initially as a ‘baseline’, teachers can look at the data and decide which element of their teaching they may want to work on – length of wait time, increased use of open question, less ‘ping pong’ conversations, decreased teacher talk – and implement strategies. Repeating a recorded lesson in the future would give comparative data and show areas of progress.

Although only the individual teacher can access the recordings, TeachFX could be used very effectively in a number of ways; for teachers to reflect and improve their own practice; to support individual teachers with specific CPD; as part of a whole-school initiative, for example to improve questioning; for teachers in parallel classes within a year group to analyse the same lesson delivered by more than one teacher.

It could also be effective if used as part of a programme of coaching or to stimulate professional conversations between ECTs and their mentor.

Benefits of using TeachFX?

  • Teachers get the feedback they need for self-reflection.
    With the push of a button, without relying on classroom observations, teachers get the feedback they need to improve their own practice.
  • With TeachFX feedback, teachers measurably change the way they teach.
    With feedback on what truly matters for learning outcomes, teachers ask more open-ended questions, use wait time more frequently, and engage in other research-supported teaching practices that change learning outcomes.
  • Increase student voice to improve learning and engagement.
    Students need to talk to learn, but teachers talk (on average) 80% of the time. Teachers using TeachFX increased their student talk by an average of 40% last school year.

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In summary, HeadteacherChat recommends TeachFX because:

TeachFX is a user-friendly teaching platform that provides insights into academic dialogue and teaching practices that, according to research, promote deeper learning - student engagement and talk time, equity of student voice, open-ended inquiry, and more. 

‘The TeachFX team has created an intuitive tool that enables teachers to record audio of their lessons for analysis, making it a really useful evaluative tool for lesson feedback.TeachFX enables teachers to understand how to improve through positive changes in their practice.’

Jonathan Coy, CEO HeadteacherChat, October 2022