The School Year

It's the risk radar Education deserves

TheSchoolYear is the only Education calendar with every key Education event, deadline, policy juncture, submission deadline, and best practice milestone you will ever need to know.

What do they do?

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Product Overview.

Hello! My name is Jonathan Coy, and I am a co-host of HeadteacherChat. I am delighted to have been given access to TheSchoolYear, created by TheSchoolBus, to see what they have on offer to support schools and I thought you would be interested to know what I discovered!

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How does TheSchoolBus describe their product, TheSchoolYear?

No new year is complete without a new calendar – and we have the ultimate Education Calendar for you.

It’s top-secret – tell everyone you know in Education! With a network of risk radars finely tuned over eight years, we’re constantly scanning the horizon for compliance updates and policy changes – it’s what we do here at TheSchoolBus. Every working hour. Every day. All-year-round. This has allowed us to become the most proactive policy and compliance support service available.

We call our system TheSchoolYear. It’s our radars’ control panel and it holds all the crucial information we’ve gathered from every source available. For 2021, we’re doing the unthinkable – we’re making it available to you, for free, forever.

What does it enable you to do?

Reduce stress and increase preparedness:

  • Preparing for key changes in Education is a constant worry. The calendar will provide relevant available resources for TheSchoolBus users to access, helping you to get up-to-speed and prepare for the expectations of each change.

Stop digging for dates and chasing updates:

  • Education dates and deadlines are often buried deep inside guidance, strewn across multiple websites, and half-heartedly displayed via various outdated, unreliable and neglected online calendars. Let’s put an end to this chaos.

Register, find out more, and access supporting resources:

  • We don’t just tell you the date, we make sure you can register, learn the key facts and access time-saving resources designed to take the stress out of keeping compliant.

Sync our radar to your work inbox and calendar:

  • Sync any event or the full school year with your work calendar in two clicks and receive reminders for key government updates, deadlines for when policy changes need to be in place, events available for you to attend to and much more.

Access anywhere, on any device:

  • Whether you’re in the classroom or on the go, you can access the TheSchoolYear on your phone, laptop, iPad or tablet. You can even add it as an app with a single click.

TheSchoolYear has HeadteacherChat’s Stamp of Approval because:

TheSchoolYear is a brilliant idea to allow leaders to keep up to date with key dates throughout the year.  We love the fact that you can sync your calendar with TheSchoolYear and you can view it on any device, wherever you are. TheSchoolYear does the hard work of trawling through all guidelines and websites to collate all the accurate information for schools. As they say, they make the missable, unmissable.

In summary:

TheSchoolYear is a very useful education calendar with every key education event, deadline, policy juncture, submission deadline, and best practice milestone.

TheSchoolBus' team has carefully researched key information from thousands of different sources in order to keep school leaders up to date.

It’s free and will help to keep you in the loop of any updates.

“TheSchoolYear is an invaluable tool for school leaders as it will keep you up to date on all the key events and deadlines, something that will prove to be very useful, especially at this time! The team at TheSchoolBus work hard to collate all of the crucial information from the thousands of sources available, making it a really effective tool for you to use. We like it a lot, and know that you will too! Not only that, but it’s free and easy to use!”

Jonathan Coy, CEO, HeadteacherChat. September 2021.

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