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TrustElevate is a child age verification and parental consent as a service provider that enables a safer internet for students. We enable digital platforms that handle students’ data to do so in compliance with regulations so they can serve age-appropriate content, limit sexual contact between children and adults, and respect children’s rights in digital environments.


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Innovative tech solution solves online child safety issues

How does TrustElevate describe their product?

Initial research findings indicate that senior school staff spend on average the equivalent of one full day per week addressing online child safety issues with children and their parents. Moreover, the findings of the recent Ofsted review recommended that heads should 'assume that sexual harassment and online sexual abuse are happening... even when there are no specific reports'.

One of the major contributing factors to children’s exposure to online harms is platforms’ ‘inability’ or resistance to age checking users. TrustElevate, a child age and parental responsibility verification solution, solves this problem and enables safe digital parenting opportunities. This will help to reduce the burden on school safeguarding professionals handling online and related offline harms with students.

TrustElevate is a “Child Age Verification & Parental Consent Provider” and “the only secure, accurate and privacy-preserving provider of child age verification and parental consent”. New and emerging regulations require digital platforms such as Google and Microsoft to know the age band of users and, for young children, to also obtain consent from the authorised holder of parental responsibility for a child, to allow or stop usage of social media, gaming, elearning and streaming platforms, and the processing of the child’s activities.

“TrustElevate is a company that operates at the intersection of technology, privacy and human rights. TrustElevate facilitates those companies and organisations that handle children’s data (<16's) to do so both in compliance with a raft of regulations and in alignment with children’s rights.” See here



What does the team think?

“Teachers have been reporting that the number of children coming to them with regard to internet-related issues, be they cyberbullying or sexual harassment, has increased dramatically. TrustElevate’s child age and parental responsibility verification solution allows for greater parental oversight, in parallel to that which would be expected in offline contexts, and limitations to younger children’s access to certain kinds of features that are known to be riskier (live broadcast in social media contexts).

We like that the technology solution being offered by TrustElevate is privacy-preserving and we look forward to a world in which platforms are able to better curate the environments they provide to our students.

Additionally, as more and more children use EdTech, both in the wake of Covid-related lockdowns and also as part of a more general trend toward digitalisation, it is vital that their data is kept secure. With TrustElevate, we can recommend EdTech platforms and educational tools online with confidence of these third parties’ compliance with safeguarding and data protection regulations.”

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