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Welbee ensures schools, colleges and MATs systemise how they measure and improve the wellbeing of their staff to deliver improved retention, absences and outcomes, while reducing costs.


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HeadteacherChat’s Review of:

Hello! My name is Jonathan Coy, and I am co-host of HeadteacherChat. I am delighted to have been given access to Welbee from School Wellbeing Accelerator - a highly effective online evaluation and staff wellbeing improvement tool - to see what they have on offer to support schools. I thought you would be interested to know what I discovered! 

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How does School Wellbeing Accelerator describe Welbee?

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The only supplier of staff wellbeing measurement and improvement to schools, colleges and MATs, that provides a survey recognised by the DfE Education Staff Wellbeing Charter, aligns with the Ofsted Leadership and Management Judgement, has an easy to use online dashboard, benchmarks and filters scores, recommends actions, tracks results, allows ongoing two-way anonymous conversations, gives remote support throughout your subscription and a money back guarantee.

Designed to reduce your workload and allow you to celebrate good practice and focus on areas for greatest impact. 90% of schools running subsequent surveys have seen improved scores, meaning you will realise the evidence proven benefits, improve retention, absences and outcomes, while reducing costs.

What does it enable you to do?


Key findings presented through the Welbee dashboard score each school on how well staff are coping, whether they think the school has a good working environment and they feel empowered in their roles, the degree of flexibility they have within their role, how well they are supported by their managers, colleagues and peers, whether they know what is expected of them and if they feel included in managing change. 

MATs can view the combined scores of all their schools, how each school compares to others within the Trust and how they have performed compared to schools outside their organisation that have taken the survey with Welbee.

Leaders can respond to comments raised anonymously by staff using the tool’s Welbee Voice function, engage in two way anonymous conversations to encourage open and genuine responses, focus effort and energy where it will make the biggest difference, put in place the appropriate support, establish effective behaviours and build strong foundations for a healthy and engaged workforce. 

Advice, including 12 competencies to reduce staff stress, guidance, and recommended actions pertinent to each school, empower leaders to quickly focus in on those areas that will have the greatest impact and illustrate to staff that they have been listened to.

Potential Impact:

What does HeadteacherChat think?

Welbee is an easy to use platform that supports any school wanting to achieve their wellbeing goals. The fact that the survey is linked to the HSE guidelines, shows the level of thought that has gone into the design. Not only that, but schools also get linked training opportunities and consultation time to discuss the results, which makes it a really effective and powerful tool to use. 

“The depth of reporting and insights provided made it very easy to see what was important and helped us focus on the areas that would have the biggest impact. I was surprised at the detail provided for the low investment.” HT, Essex.

In summary, HeadteacherChat recommends Welbee because:


“We have found the use of the digital survey and Welbee voice function -  that enables leaders to respond to comments raised anonymously by staff - to be an invaluable tool for obtaining information easily and efficiently. We were really impressed with the level of analysis provided, the recommended actions and CPD packages and the support that you get. It is also surprisingly affordable, given the features and benefits it provides.

If you are looking for ways to monitor, track, improve and evidence wellbeing then we’d highly recommend this product”. – Jonathan Coy, CEO of HeadteacherChat, November 2021.  

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