List of online education resources for home learning and schools - Coronavirus (COVID 19)

Updated: Oct 31

We have been contacted by numerous companies telling us about their free or discounted products. We have therefore been collecting resources for teachers and schools impacted by coronavirus closings. In addition, we are adding blog posts about remote learning and various recommended platforms by Headteacher Chat. If you have any ideas, please share on Twitter with the handle @headteacherchat.

Hope you find this helpful. This is a work in progress. Please email us for additions or changes:

Cornerstones Education

What They’re Offering:

Here are their 45 Love to Read guides for everyone to use at home: This is a podcast about their free Love to Read guides: And is a link to their free weekly 'Big Ideas' challenges which are updated every week:

Robin Hood Multi-Academy Trust

What They’re Offering:

RobinHood MAT have produce learning projects for every year group.

Information for parents

Picture News

Learning Ladders

Phonic Hero


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