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CPD resources for school leaders

Updated: Jul 13

Headteacherchat has been collecting CPD resources for teachers.

Hope you find this helpful. This is a work in progress. Please email me for additions or changes: admin@headteacherchat.com

Webinars/CPD Sessions/Conferences

Research Ed Home @researchEDHome


John Tomsett | Core or Hinterland? Who owns the enacted curriculum?

Peps McCrea & Caroline Spalding | Leveraging the science of motivation to optimise the return to school

researchED Durrington 2020 Chris Moyse | Growing Great Teachers

John Hattie | Melbourne 1st July 2017

Ben White | You Should Know This! The inherent complexity of classroom teaching

Adam Boxer | Dual Coding for Teachers Who Can’t Draw: Teacher’s Explanations

Phil Stock | we don't deserve nice things.

researchED Durrington Micheal Chiles | The Craft of Assessment

ResearchEd Surrey


Burn Brighter Burn Brighter | Change for Education (full event)

Andy Moor | the future of assessment

Bill Lucas | rethinking assessment

Jamie Pembroke | Assessment reform

Mark Chatley | "A vision for Assessment"

Christalla Jamil | Assessment in Primary Schools

Dr Kulvarn Atwal | Assessment

Drew Povey | Burn Brighter 2

Chiltern Teaching Alliance @ChilternTSA

Andrew Cowley | Wellbeing and Workload - Penny Rabiger | Doing it Differently

David Didau | Reading Aloud Dr Patrice Evans | Outstanding HOD

Andy Buck | Leadership Matters

Chris Nicholls | Coaching

Joe Richardson | School Improvement

Claire Robins | Driving Innovation and Improvement

Nadine Cotton | Deep Dives

Sir David Carter | Succession Planning

Leora Cruddas | Leadership: Things to Consider

Seneca Virtual Teachermeet

Samuel Strickland | They Behave for Me' Liberating Teachers so they can Teach

TeachMeet Icons

Alison Peacock | https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4VXDgU3xChM

Jennifer Webb | TeachmeetEnglishIcons 2020 - "Teach like a writer" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VNNlBNM3SWA

BrewEd Cymru

Whole Class Feedback | Rebecca Brett Harris @EnglishRbh

Venturing Towards Independence | Chris Shaw @athrosaesneg

Wellbeing is a Work of Heart | Nina Jackson @Musicmind

Desirable Difficulties | Damian Benney @Benneypenyrheol

Pre-emptive Marking | Nathan Atkins @AtkinsEnglish

Teacher Reading Club

Dual Coding by Oliver Caviglioli | February 2021

School Leader Interviews

Tom Rogers

Alex Rawlings @MrARawlings

Julie Hunter @MsHMFL

Pedro Damiao @geofactualidade

Chris Andrew @Kitandrews

Cassie Young @ModernCassie