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CPD resources for school staff

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Headteacherchat has been collecting CPD resources for teachers.

Hope you find this helpful. This is a work in progress. Please email me for additions or changes: admin@headteacherchat.com

Webinars/CPD Sessions/Conferences

Research Ed Home @researchEDHome


John Tomsett: Core or Hinterland? Who owns the enacted curriculum?

Peps McCrea & Caroline Spalding: Leveraging the science of motivation to optimise the return to school @PepsMccrea @MrsSpalding

researchED Durrington 2020 Chris Moyse: Growing Great Teachers #ImproveNotProve (rED Loom) @ChrisMoyse

John Hattie at researchED Melbourne 1st July 2017 @john_hattie

Ben White: You Should Know This! The inherent complexity of classroom teaching @Waldenkent

Adam Boxer: Dual Coding for Teachers Who Can’t Draw: Teacher’s Explanations @adamboxer1

Phil Stock @joeybagstock - we don't deserve nice things.

researchED Durrington Micheal Chiles: The Craft of Assessment (rEDLoom)

ResearchEd Surrey


Zoe Enser @greeborunner Kat Howard @SaysMiss

Dr Flavia Belham @FlaviaBelhamPhD

Sam Strickland @Strickomaster

Ben Crockett @BenCrockett1

Damian Benney @Benneypenyrheol

Kristen Johnson @teach_music_ldn

Beverley Jennings @bjm_teacher

Adam Boxer @adamboxer1

Chris Moyse @ChrisMoyse

Tom Sherrington @teacherhead

Kristian Still

Ruth Ashbee @Ruth_Ashbee

Jack Tavassoly-Marsh @GeogMarsh

Michael Chiles @m_chiles

Kate Jones @87History

David Rodger-Goodwin @MrGoodwin23

Naveen Rivzi

Pritesh Raichura @Mr_Raichura

Clare Sealy @ClareSealy

Lyndsey Caldwell

Andrew Woods

Mary Myatt @MaryMyatt

Alistair Hamill @lcgeography

Mark Enser @EnserMark

Burn Brighter @FloraBarton Burn Brighter - Change for Education (full event)

Andy Moor @amoor4ed - the future of assessment

Bill Lucas @LucasLearn - rethinking assessment

Jamie Pembroke @jpembroke- Assessment reform

Mark Chatley @MrMChatley - "A vision for Assessment"

Christalla Jamil @ChristallaJ - Assessment in Primary Schools

Dr Kulvarn Atwal @Thinkingschool2 Assessment

Drew Povey @drewpovey at Burn Brighter 2

Chiltern Teaching Alliance @ChilternTSA

Wellbeing and Workload - Andrew Cowley @andrew_cowley23 Doing it Differently - Penny Rabiger @Penny_Ten

Reading Aloud - David Didau @DavidDidau Outstanding HOD - Dr Patrice Evans @DrPEvans

Leadership Matters - Andy Buck @Andy__Buck

Coaching - Chris Nicholls

School Improvement - Joe Richardson @JrichardsonJoe

Inclusive Leadership @gamielyafai

Driving Innovation and Improvement - Claire Robins @ScholarsEdTrust

Deep Dives - Nadine Cotton @cotton_nadine

Succession Planning - Sir David Carter

Leadership: Things to Consider - Leora Cruddas

Remote Learning - Tom Sherrington @teacherhead

Creating outstanding remote learning Sufinn Sadiq @unleashing_me

Ambition Institute @Ambition_Inst

Understanding and meeting pupils' needs

Motivating pupils when schools re-open

Curriculum after closures - what should schools prioritise?

How can we try to overcome learning loss?

What does a pandemic mean for school leadership development?

An introduction to the science of learning

Seneca Virtual Teachermeet

@Strickomaster They Behave for Me' Liberating Teachers so they can Teach

TeachMeet Icons

Alison Peacock - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4VXDgU3xChM

Jennifer Webb - TeachmeetEnglishIcons 2020 - "Teach like a writer" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VNNlBNM3SWA

GECCollect @GrahamAndre


BrewEd Cymru

Online tools to support remote teaching and learning. @KateJones_teach

Whole Class Feedback Rebecca Brett Harris @EnglishRbh

Venturing Towards Independence Chris Shaw @athrosaesneg

Wellbeing is a Work of Heart - Nina Jackson @Musicmind

Desirable Difficulties - Damian Benney @Benneypenyrheol

Pre-emptive Marking - Nathan Atkins @AtkinsEnglish


YouTube CPD

Tom Sherrington @teacherhead


Rosenshine Masterclass

ResearchEDHome - Rosenshine and Curriculum What's the Connection?

The Learning Rainforest

Three core questioning strategies

Dylan Wiliam @dylanwiliam

What do we mean by assessment?

Assessment for learning: what, what, how?

What formative assessment is and isn't?

Why do we need to raise achievement?

Teacher learning communities

Creating the schools our children need


Two-minute tips for teachers by teachers


Stuart Lock @StuartLock

Three i's - OFSTED and Curriculum


Alison Peacock @AlisonMPeacock

Learning without limits

Lucy Crehan conversation with Alison Peacock

Daniel Willingham @DTWillingham


researchEDHome 2020: Helping Students Think Critically about Internet Sources

Oliver Caviglioni @olicav

Dual Coding: Get Going

researchED Home 2020 Oliver Caviglioli: Dual Coding to Organise Ideas

Adam Boxer @adamboxer1

Dual Coding for teachers that can’t draw

Mary Myatt @MaryMyatt


Delivering a coherent curriculum

Back on Track: Ten suggestions to ensure we focus on making a difference

Curriculum Prompts

David Weston @informed_edu

Unleashing great teaching

Improving Teaching and Learning

Chartered College of Teaching @CharteredColl


Sam Strickland @Strickomaster

Recalibrating School Culture: Creating a climate for change

What are you permitting?

Kat Howard @SaysMiss

Well Being

A research-informed approach to wellbeing in schools

Robert Coe @ProfCoe

Shining a light on great teaching

Daisy Christodoulou @daisychristo

How to remember anything, forever

Pritesh Raichura @Mr_Raichura


Questioning in action: an example lesson

Online Courses

Massolit works with academics from the world's best universities to produce videos for GCSE and A levels


Hay Education

Training on well-being


Seneca learning


Provision Map


Addressing Dyslexia


OpenLearn from Open University


TES Institute


Making the best use of TA's in the classroom


Restorative Thinking


Prospero Teaching https://prosperoteaching.com/free-accredited-cpd-for-teachers/

Open University Free Educational Course https://www.open.edu/openlearn/educat

Future Learn


Understanding ADHD


Understanding Autism


Teacher Development Trust



The National College

Offering webinars on Leadership Mental Health Ofsted PHSE & RSHE Research. Safeguarding Teaching


Bowden Education

Offering webinars on Leadership and Well-being


Brightlink Learning

Offering different training opportunities like - Understanding Mental Health and Well-being for Educational Professionals


The Virtual College




Podcasts for teachers/leaders

We Lead Well Podcast @WeLeadWellPodc1


Julie Norman - Leading with kindness and compassion

Chris Foley @HT_StMonicas - The Journey from Special Measures

Sue Plant @plant4sue Embracing part-time and flexible working

Sean Trimble Resilient leadership in a time of crisis - COVIDspecial

Suneta Bagri @CultivateETM - Putting yourself first

Hannah Wilson @ethical_leader - Values Led Leadership

Jill Berry - @jillberry102 Promoting connection and diversity

Liz Robson-Kelly @PosPsycCoach - Theory to support the practice

Phil Sharrock @philsharrock - To make a difference, you need to be different!

David Waugh Hope in a time of crisis -COVID Special

Steve Waters @teachwellal1- A Culture of Wellbeing

Shooting Azimuths by @EmbleyDeputy


Clemmie Stewart

Oliver Caviglioli

Daniel Muijs

Daniel Sabato

Jill Berry

Andy Buck

Bastow Educational Leadership Podcasts

Steve Mumby Celebrates Imperfect leadership

Richard Gerver links leadership, passion and purpose in education

Tony Mackay knows the power of networks and partnerships

Sandringham Research School @SandResearch

Pupil Premium Conversation with Mark Rowland @marcrowland73

Memory with Dr Duncan Astle

Evidence informed science teaching with Dr Niki Kaiser @chemDrK

NCE Live

Sonia GIll @SoniaG_HeadsUp Why culture is the critical factor for excellence.

Agnes Cserhati @AgnesCserhati Mindfulness, Leadership & Influence during times of uncertainty

John Tomsett @johntomsett The importance of coherence in improving the quality of teaching & succession planning

David Harkin - @davidjharkin Innovation & Idea creation in schools

The Clem and Em Podcat @Clem&Em

Ros Wilson

Andy Buck and Mary Myatt

Janey Godley

Page to Practice Podcast @pagepracticepod

Series 2 Episode 7 -The Curriculum From Gallimaufry to Coherence by Mary Myatt

Series 2 - Episode 6 - A Curriculum of Hope by Debra Kidd

Series Two Episode Four - A Quiet Education by Jamie Thom

Series two, episode two - The Power of Culture - Katharine Birbalsingh

Phil Naylor’s Podcast @pna1977


Tom Rees

Jill Berry

Viviene Porrit

Oliver Caviglioni

Neil Almond

Marc Enser

Mary Myatt

Toria Bono with Abby Bayford and Kat Howard and Claire Hill

Richard Gerver

Paul Dix

Matthew Evans

Mr. Barton's Podcast @mrbartonmaths

Dylan Wiliam

Tom Sherrington

We are in Beta Podcast


Jeremy Hannay

Ed Vainker -

Patrick Ottley O'Connor

Sharifah Lee

Teachers Things Podcast


Phil Crompton https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/in-search-of-my-alumni-author-phil-crompton-part-1/id1486399498?i=1000459268070

Cornerstone's Podcast @cornerstonesedu


Dynamics Deputies' Podcast


Research in Leadership

Jill Jameson https://www.stitcher.com/podcast/research-in-leadership-in-schools-early-childhood-settings-and-2/e/62797380?autoplay=true

Stephen Corbett - https://www.stitcher.com/podcast/johannes-midskard-12/research-in-leadership-in-schools-early-childhood-settings-and-2/e/62797360

Boys Don't Try @BoysDontTryPod


The EdTech Podcast @PodcastEdTech


Pivotal Podcast @PivotalEd https://pivotaleducation.com/category/podcast/

Megan Sumeracki and Yana Weinstein

Teacher Toolkit @TeacherToolkit https://www.teachertoolkit.co.uk/category/podcasts/

Project Yogi https://www.teachertoolkit.co.uk/2020/07/02/podcast-88/


Toria Bono’s blog of Tiny Voice Tuesday


Daisy Christodoulou https://blog.nomoremarking.com/from-scaled-scores-to-writing-ages-2e882bb155e0

Neil Almond @Mr_AlmondED


Adam Boxer @adamboxer1


Hannah Wilson @Ethical_Leader


Claire Stoneman @stoneman_claire


Evidence-Based Education @EvidenceInEdu


Alex Quigley @HuntingEnglish


Ross McGill @Teachertoolkit


Jarlath O'Brien @JarlathOBrien


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