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Educational Leadership Podcasts to listen to! All of our favourites.

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Headteacherchat has been collecting Podcasts for leaders/teachers.

Hope you find this helpful. This is a work in progress. Please email me for additions or changes: admin@headteacherchat.com

We Lead Well Podcast @WeLeadWellPodc1


Julie Norman - Leading with kindness and compassion

Chris Foley @HT_StMonicas - The Journey from Special Measures

Sue Plant @plant4sue Embracing part-time and flexible working

Sean Trimble Resilient leadership in a time of crisis - COVIDspecial

Suneta Bagri @CultivateETM - Putting yourself first

Hannah Wilson @ethical_leader - Values Led Leadership

Jill Berry - @jillberry102 Promoting connection and diversity

Liz Robson-Kelly @PosPsycCoach - Theory to support the practice

Phil Sharrock @philsharrock - To make a difference, you need to be different!

David Waugh Hope in a time of crisis -COVID Special

Steve Waters @teachwellal1- A Culture of Wellbeing

Jonny Uttley Putting Staff First

Don't Shoot the Deputies @DynamicDeps

Rae Snape https://soundcloud.com/dynamicdeps/connection

Go With Me on This...


Hosted by Ndidi Okezie and Laura McInerney @miss_mcinerney

Education On Fire by Mark Taylor


Persyou The Talks by Nicholas McKie


Dr Elly Barnes MBE

Professor Christian Van Nieuwerburgh



NCELive Season 2 - No 10 - John Tomsett & Stephen Tierney - TTIP - Coaching & Mentoring

NCELive Season 2 - No 9 - Rene Carayol - Why Black Lives Matter

NCELive Season 2 - No 7 - Stephen Tierney & John Tomsett - Turning Theory into Practice - Emotional Intelligence

NCELive Sonia Gill - No 26 - Why culture is the critical factor for excellence.

NCELive Season 2 - No 13 - Adeyinka Adewale - Emotional Intelligence in times of stress

Pivotal Podcast


Megan Sumeracki and Yana Weinstein

The Clem & Em Podcast


Naylor's Natter Podcast


Tom Rees

Jill Berry

Viviene Porrit

Oliver Caviglioni

Neil Almond

Marc Enser

Mary Myatt

Toria Bono with Abby Bayford and Kat Howard and Claire Hill

Richard Gerver

Paul Dix

Matthew Evans

Zoe Enser @greeborunner and Jenny Webb @FunkyPedagogy

Rae Snape

Ros Wilson

An evidence-informed guide for teachers with Tom Rees and Jennifer Barker

Action Jackson

Mr. Barton's Podcast @mrbartonmaths


Dylan Wiliam

Tom Sherrington

Cornerstone's Podcasts

Cornerstone's Podcast @cornerstonesedu


Dr Angelina Osborne

Maria Brosnan - Sleep Stress Cycle

Mary Myatt

Professor Sam Twiselton, OBE

Alison Peacock

Research in Leadership

Jill Jameson https://www.stitcher.com/podcast/research-in-leadership-in-schools-early-childhood-settings-and-2/e/62797380?autoplay=true

Stephen Corbett - https://www.stitcher.com/podcast/johannes-midskard-12/research-in-leadership-in-schools-early-childhood-settings-and-2/e/62797360

The EdTech Podcast @PodcastEdTech


Grow your Mindset


Dave McPartlin @dave_mcpartlin

Adrian Bethune @AdrianBethune

Page to Practice Podcast @pagepracticepod

Boys Don't Try @BoysDontTryPod


Shooting Azimuths by @EmbleyDeputy


Clemmie Stewart

Oliver Caviglioli

Daniel Muijs

Daniel Sabato

Jill Berry

Andy Buck

Bastow Educational Leadership Podcasts

Steve Mumby Celebrates Imperfect leadership

Richard Gerver links leadership, passion and purpose in education

Tony Mackay knows the power of networks and partnerships

NCE Live

Sonia GIll @SoniaG_HeadsUp Why culture is the critical factor for excellence.

Agnes Cserhati @AgnesCserhati Mindfulness, Leadership & Influence during times of uncertainty

John Tomsett @johntomsett The importance of coherence in improving the quality of teaching & succession planning

David Harkin - @davidjharkin Innovation & Idea creation in schools

We are in Beta Podcast


Jeremy Hannay

Ed Vainker -

Patrick Ottley O'Connor

Sharifah Lee

Clare Rees @ReesCM4 Coaching Culture

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