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TheSchoolBus Coronavirus Recovery Phase Toolkit

Updated: Feb 5

Hello! My name is Lucy Coy, and I am a co-host of Headteacher Chat. I am delighted to have been given access to TheSchoolBus to see what they have on offer to support schools at this unprecedented time. I thought you would be interested to know what I discovered!

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How does TheSchoolBus describe their product?

‘At TheSchoolBus, the Education community is at the heart of everything thing we do. We want to stay true to that commitment and do whatever we can to alleviate some of the burden schools are facing at this time.’
‘To help you during this phase to develop procedures to ensure everyone’s safety and wellbeing, we have put together this toolkit. It contains templates, articles and procedures to assist you on the path to recovery.’

What does the team at Headteacher Chat think?

The Coronavirus Recovery Phase Toolkit is full of useful resources such as templates and guidance documents for schools to access during the Covid-19 response. These contain comprehensive and relevant i