Bounce Together

Bounce Together provide an online survey platform for schools, helping them measure and monitor physical and mental wellbeing and the attitudes to learning of pupils, staff and parents.

Persona Education

Persona Education provides social-emotional e-learning for schools and colleges. Boost student wellbeing and hit Ofsted or ISI personal development targets with our unique personality insights approach to SEL.

QDP Services

QDP are the leading independent provider of questionnaire based feedback services to the UK Education & Skills Sector. We host the largest set of external comparison data and cover everything from satisfaction & progression to safeguarding & wellbeing. E very survey includes easily digestible reporting which provides recognised evidence for inspection, self-assessment and improvement strategy.

One Education

One Education was established in 2011 to empower school leadership teams and teachers to enhance the quality of education for young people.

RISE: Resilience In Schools and Education

RISE: Resilience In Schools and Education
A practical whole school programme to build children’s resilience and wellbeing. Includes an engaging online staff training course, resilience assessments, and a range of targeted strategies.

Schools Advisory Service

Schools Advisory Service (SAS) are proud to be considered the market leader for staff absence insurance and whole school wellbeing services, supporting school staff and pupils across the UK.

The School Bus

An online service providing practical help with compliance and standards, ensuring schools are kept up-to-date with the constantly shifting expectations of the Education sector.


Satchel One is an online learning platform,
trusted by 1 in 3 UK secondary schools, that
effectively engages parents in the learning
process and reduces teacher workload. A
dedicated parent app means parents
receive push notifications regarding their
child’s school life and schools have a clear
line of communication with home.

Challenging Learning

We help educators improve learning outcomes for 3-19 year olds. Founded by James Nottingham, creator of the Learning Pit, with staff in 6 countries.

Grow Your Mindset

Grow Your Mindset specialise in and has a passion for supporting schools in their journey to develop a whole school ethos, one where growth mindset becomes the foundation for learning for the whole community, involving all staff, children and parents. We provide accredited staff training and pupils workshops to develop a whole school culture of positivity and growth.

Ed Psych Ed

EdPsychEd brings together leading Psychologists to provide a range of highly engaging courses for schools which can improve the lives and outcomes for all children.