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Who is HeadteacherChat?

‘We create thoughtfully designed products to help you reach your full potential, and to live a happier, more fulfilling life as a school leader.’ Lucy, CEO

Our network, coaching service and school leader planners are designed to:

Support leaders with effective routines and habits, to design their career path and help meet their goals.
To support school leaders with their wellbeing through coaching and signposting to relevant services when needed.
To link businesses to schools so that children, young people, staff, and families can benefit from the products and services that they offer.

Jonathan and Lucy are a husband and wife team that were instrumental in starting HeadteacherChat with the sole purpose of supporting leaders to help others.

The network learning community for senior leaders. One to one coaching and more.

Our Belief

Simplicity is often the best plan. We help you to target your customers in the way that works best for you. We help you to shape your marketing goals and to reach out to our community.


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HeadteacherChat™ is a professional network for school leaders, dedicated to providing support, information, coaching, CPD and resources: Edu-Business Network, Coaching, Networking opportunities, CPD, Resources, School Leader Academic Year Planners

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