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"The Authentic Leader," a four-part model to lead your school to success. by Andrew Moorish

From influential Executive Headteacher Andrew Morrish comes "The Authentic Leader," a four-part model to lead your school to success.

In order to guide your school with integrity, transparency, focus, and foresight, Andrew Morrish presents a unique four-part model. The Authentic Leader will assist you in reclaiming the agenda and making it a reflection of your core values through the application of cutting-edge research and the author's own 20 years of headship experience.


The Authentic Leader is perfect for the burgeoning school leader who wants to make an impact in their school, the school leader who is tasked with raising standards in their school, and the senior leader who is working on school improvement.


There is a four-part structure at the heart of the book. The first section, titled "Construct," is dedicated to helping you "Discover Your Purpose." Establishing your values, goals, and priorities at this stage is crucial.


As for the second section, "Connect," its main theme is "Empowering Relationships." Connecting in this way is a tool in gaining people's trust, interest, and drive.


The third section, "Commit," is all about "unlocking potential." This facilitates effective communication and cooperation, both of which are necessary for the realization of change.


Part four, "Create," is "Become: Delivering a Great Product." This section equips you to make a significant impact in your academic and professional environments.


Quotes from the book


‘Leadership all comes down to three things: solving problems, making decisions, and then accomplishing great things.’


'Your purpose as an authentic leader must always be to create great things that are good, both for yourself and others, things that make a real difference to the community and the people you serve.’


'Things are great. Doing great things is even better. ’


'Regardless of where you are in your career, you can’t possibly be expected to know all the answers. But you are expected to know all the right questions. "


I recommend this book because... Provides concrete illustrations of effective leadership styles. To ensure that every student and educator feels safe, supported, and challenged in their learning environment, this unique framework for enhancing your school is essential.


'We have found 'The Authentic Leader,' based on solid academic research and real-life headship experience, to be an invaluable resource for assisting new school leaders in navigating the challenges of making an impact in their school. If you're looking for a book about whole school improvement, we highly recommend this book ".


Jonathan Coy