Low-cost, cloud-based teaching, classroom management and safeguarding platform for schools.

Cloud-based and easy to use, provides a focused set of teaching, classroom management and safeguarding tools to help teachers monitor and instruct in a school classroom and with remote learners.

What do they do?

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HeadteacherChat’s Review of (NetSupport)

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How does NetSupport describe their product? is a cloud-based classroom management and teaching platform optimised for teaching and learning across a range of devices and platforms – with the added flexibility of supporting both in-school and remote learners. Co-produced with teachers, it is easy to use and offers a range of intuitive tools for digital learning. Teachers can instruct and collaborate in real time by broadcasting their screen and audio directly to the students, as well as interacting with them on surveys, questions, chats and answering ‘help’ requests. It also comes with an online safety toolkit which monitors any concerning student activity, spots online safety trends and helps staff to identify any students who make be at risk, via its keyword monitoring tool. Technicians can use the technician toolkit to access inventory features and to maximise their school’s devices.

What does it enable you to do? is multi-functional. Not only is it a digital management tool for teachers in the classroom, but it also provides an invaluable mechanism for online safeguarding, both for preventing, and dealing with, issues. Records from can easily be linked to My Concern/CPOMS to save staff having to duplicate information. Privacy settings on all devices can be set, controlling access times which protect both staff and children outside of school hours. also gives technical staff an inventory of all the devices including the apps stored on each, and it highlights any versions of software that are outdated. IT staff can connect to, and take control of, a single device (student or staff) to rectify problems or demonstrate skills. This is highly beneficial in a large school or across multiple sites, increasing efficiency and productivity enormously.

In the classroom

Class/timetable data can be imported into the system via Google Classroom or Microsoft School Data Sync, so that each teachers groups are updated automatically. There is huge flexibility in the restrictions/access given to individual members of staff, from a single teacher with one class to the Head of Key Stage 3 with access to Yrs 7-9.

Teachers can monitor the use of apps and web-pages, again with access given or restricted or fully blocked. As well as a useful safeguarding tool, this is particularly helpful, for example, when first introducing pupils in primary schools to searching the internet. The ‘Quick launch’ facility means the teacher can simultaneously launch a specific app or website onto each learner’s device, saving valuable learning time.

Other features include the easy-to-use ‘Survey tool’ with results being easily converted into graphics and the ‘Device control’ allowing staff to prevent or allow use of items such as USBs and webcams.


One of the most useful aspects of for all staff, but particularly the DSL, is the Language pack. Triggered safeguarding keywords and phrases across a range of languages will also include a description in English allowing staff to understand the search term and ensure vulnerable EAL students are supported. When reviewing a triggered ‘event’ staff can see the context (screen recordings and screenshots) and a risk index to determine its severity. To protect the DSL from seeing potentially upsetting images, these videos can be obfuscated.

A keyword priority label can also be changed and applied across different year groups. The list of phrases is being continually added too. Lists of local terms can be added and there are phrases in many languages, with having worked with native speakers to ensure the accuracy. Staff can also use the word cloud to check for specific phrases being used and common themes across the school.

Another excellent resource is the ‘Report a concern’ tool. This is for students to discretely message an adult within school to raise a concern. There is also an extensive list of relevant support websites, and the school can add local organisations that they feel are appropriate.

What does HeadteacherChat think?

A key benefit of this management tool is the variety of functions it performs – including classroom management and learning, online safeguarding and practical upkeep of the devices. Added to this, the functions are highly flexible and intuitive.

With a fixed price per device, pride themselves on being affordable, as well as providing extensive support and training during set-up and afterwards. The demonstration given was thorough but very easy to follow and the benefits for class teachers and the DSL were easy to identify.

Benefits of using

  • Flexibility: gives teachers a single solution for teaching in the school classroom and with remote learners - with no swapping between products according to the scenario. This also helps provide continuity for student learning and engagement.
  • Keeping students safe online:’s online safety tools monitor for any concerning student activity, spot online safety trends and, via its keyword monitoring tool, help staff to identify any students who make be at risk.
  • Easy, easy, easy: is a low cost, browser-based solution, and, once configured by school IT technicians, it virtually takes care of itself.


It’s helped us to have a greater control of what learners are doing with their Chromebooks and certainly helped to improve behaviour for learning. But arguably, more importantly, it’s helped in terms of the pedagogy and how we use technology within the classroom. - Anthony Ager, Assistant Headteacher, Abersychan School

Teacher feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, with staff commenting on how intuitive and easy it is to use. Through a combination of its assessment, tracking, classroom management and continuity features, the platform frees up valuable time for teachers to do what they do best: teach. – Ben Whitaker, Head of IT services, Bury Grammar School

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Abersychan School case study

Bury Grammar School case study

In summary, HeadteacherChat recommends NetSupport’s because:

  • It connects to children's school devices in a matter of minutes via a variety of methods, with no effort or lost time.
  • It actively involves the class and maintains direction with proven educational excellence!
  •’s online safety tools makes your online learning environment safe and secure at all times.

‘The NetSupport team have a brand-new platform great service that enables teachers to link all of their digital materials to a single platform. A very user-friendly platform for managing classrooms and learning, is designed to support teaching and learning across a variety of platforms and devices.

It is a top-notch digital management tool for teachers, therefore HeadteacherChat thoroughly recommends it.’

Jonathan Coy, CEO HeadteacherChat

August 2022